Hello there!

This is my first blog post! Eep! I guess I should probably tell you a little about myself..Well, my name’s Amanda and I’m 19 and in college as a junior. I know, I must be super smart…just kidding. I just got lucky. I’m an Indo-Guyanese American, which is basically an Indian person who has roots in Guyana, which is in South America, and I was born here in America. I know, slightly confusing. I have a beautiful 15 year-old Western Painted Turtle, named Sammy. I also recently became obsessed with the show The 100!

I’m pretty excited because I was looking for someplace to share all of the random thoughts and ideas I have. I don’t really have a set topic, mostly whatever just pops into my head, I’ll go with it. That being said, I’ll probably do a lot of beauty type of things, such as makeup reviews or diy skincare things. But I’ll also throw in a lot of random stuff that have my attention at the time. Things like TV show reactions (The 100, The Walking Dead, American Horror Story, etc.), or just random thoughts on life and stuff. I also have a YouTube channel called AmandaSushma, so check it out! I only have two videos right now..don’t judge.

Well, I guess that’s all for now! Bye!


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