Review: Tarte Maracuja Creaseless Concealer

Hello beautiful people!

I wanted to share my review on the Tarte Maracuja Creaseless Concealer. Honestly, it’s not my favorite concealer. First of all, there doesn’t seem to be a lot of the actual product. When I got it, I couldn’t even get the product out at first. I had to squeeze really hard from the top down and realized that the product barely comes halfway to the actual tube. I thought that I had bought an entire tube of product, not half of it.


One thing I do like about the concealer, is all  the range of colors. There are 13 different shades, and the Light-Medium shade is perfect for me. It’s lighter than my skin color, but I wanted it that way because I wanted my dark under eye circles covered. Also, it blends well with my foundation, so it doesn’t look like two totally different colors.

I do like the texture and thickness of the product. It’s amazingly rich and moisturizing, which is perfect for your under eyes. It claims that it’s creaseless, but it’s not for me. Every time I use it, it creases. I tried with and without a moisturizer, primer and setting it with powder. It creased every time. Maybe I just have really bad under eyes or something.

Overall, it’s an okay concealer. I’ve used better, but it does do a good job at brightening your under eyes, and is easy to blend with your foundation.

Let me know if it worked for you!

Thanks for reading!

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