Relax + Pamper Yourself

Hello there lovelies!

I hope you’re having a really nice and relaxing Sunday. Sunday is the day most of us have off from our everyday lives and jobs, so don’t waste it! Pamper yourself ladies and gents. It really helps you get prepared to face the new week. I wanted to share some tips, just in case you weren’t sure exactly how to go about pampering yourself!

1. Wear your favorite Pj’s. Listen guys. There’s honestly nothing more comfortable than your pj’s!

14209430188462. Facial Masque

Put on your favorite masque! Nothing more relaxing than knowing your face is nice and clean. I have on the Freeman Feeling Beautiful: Avocado & Oatmeal Masque.


3. Grab a drink and a book

Whether it’s wine, water, beer, or in my case, tea, get your favorite drink and  your favorite book. Nothing better than sipping and reading. And honestly, how many of you actually have time to read your favorite book during the week?


4. Movie/TV Show

If you’re not into books, there’s always the wonderful world of movies/tv shows. Catch up on your favorite shows, or watch a movie you’ve been wanting to see. Thanks to Netflix, we can all do it in the wonderful comfort of our warms beds. I’m watching El Dorado! Loved that movie as a kid! And as an adult…hehe


5. Nose strip.

That amazing moment when you pull that strip off and see all the disgusting things that were on your nose is just tantalizing. No better way to start the week than with clean pores. I use the Biore pore strips.


6. Sleep.

Grab your 8-hour beauty sleep when you can! Monday you’ll be ready to go.

That’s it folks! I hope this brightens up your Sunday! Let me know if you do any other fun stuff to pamper/relax!

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