Bare Minerals: Marvelous Moxie Lipstick Review

Hello there!

So, I’m not usually a lipstick type of girl, but I saw this shade in Ulta and really liked it! It’s in the shade Rise Up. The description they give is a “luminous bronze”. My lips are darker around the corners, and I really like that this color evens out the color, while still looking natural. It’s more of a casual, classic, everyday shade, rather than the pop of colors (reds, pinks, neons), we’ve been seeing.

Besides the color, my favorite thing is the packaging. Unlike regular lipsticks, where the top can just slip off whenever, this one has a lock. You have to slide the silver button down, and that’s how the top comes off. No more worrying if your lipstick is messing up your purse!

IMG_1402 It’s really shiny, so if you’re looking for a matte lipstick, the Marvelous Moxie line probably isn’t the right one. But, it’s really moisturizing and actually lasts me a long time. The only downside to it, is the price. It’s $18.00, which I guess compared to other brands, this is fairly low, but still. Honestly, I feel like it’s worth it, because if it does it’s job and doesn’t break in half, like other lipsticks, why not? Also, a little of this goes a long way and you don’t have to reapply too much, so it lasts.

Let me know if you’ve tried any of the Moxie Lipsticks and if you liked it or not!

Thanks for reading guys!

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