YesStyle Mini-Haul

Hello there!

I had ordered three items from YesStyle in February and I finally got them! So without further ado, here’s what I got.

Pompom-Accent Patterned Hooded Top:

Pom-Pom Hoodie

I really love this! It’s in the color “Honey”, from Tokyo Fashion. It’s actually really thin for a hoodie, but the actual hood is lined with fleece. It’s one of the softest hoodies I’ve ever felt! Also, I love the huge pom-poms! The only thing I hadn’t expected was that it was going to be a v-neck. It’s just unusually low for a hoodie, so I would recommend a tank top underneath. But overall, I really like this one!

Crochet-Collar Sweater:


I was looking forward to this piece the most and was extremely disappointed! From the look of the pictures the website used, the peter pan collar looked like it was sewn on the sweater, but only the top is. The bottom of the collar isn’t attached and it looks like you hurriedly sew a doily on your sweater.

IMG_1756Also, the neckline’s seam are messed up. It looks really bad when you put it on. This item was a fail for me and I’m going to return it.

Inset-Shirt Cat Embroidered Sweater:

This one is my favorite out of the three! I was actually surprised because I had decided to take a risk on it. From the pictures the website had of it, I thought that it was going to really big, but it fit perfectly! The material looks thick, but it’s not at all. The “sweater” part of it, is really thin, so I can wear it during cold spring/rainy days. Very happy with this purchase! The store I got it from is Fairyland, but they ran out of this specific one! Sorry guys, but they have a lot of similar looking ones!

For those of you who don’t know what YesStyle is, it’s an Asian clothing website. From what I understand, it features many popular stores and fashion from China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, etc. There are so many stores on this website, I couldn’t go through them all! Some stores are high quality, others are low. When you click on an item, it’ll have a tab that says reviews. People who already bought the item leave reviews and let other people know what the product is really like. The reviews are extremely helpful!

One downside to YesStyle, is that because it is an Asian specific clothing store, the sizes run quite small. There are some that are the usual S,M,L,XL, but the majority of stores I came across all say “one size”. If you’re short, I would recemond you try this out! If you’re taller than about 5’4, I would suggest by only a couple items and see how they fit before you buy a bunch. I only bought the three items because I wanted to gauge how well they fit. I’m 5’1 and they were all quite long on me, so they may work for taller people. Let me know what you guys think!

Thanks so much for reading!

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