DIY: Floating Candle

Hello there!

Since spring is here, I wanted to redecorate without spending too much money. So, here’s how to make a floating candle!

What you’ll need:

Materials for Floating Candle

  • A vase. I bought a 10 inch vase from Dollar General for $1.
  • An optional choice are the rocks for the bottom, which I also got at Dollar General for $1. Feel free to use anything you want, I’ve seen them with sand, colorful pebbles, and fake leaves. If you want, you don’t need to add anything to the bottom, but I feel like it looks bare without anything.
  • Flowers. I recommend flowers that have a lot of flowers coming out of one stem, in a staircase type of pattern. It just looks better in the vase, rather than a flower with one stem. I bought two flowers from Michaels, but I only needed one. They were about $2 each.
  • A tea-light candle or anything small like that, that will fit into your vase. I bought a pack of 12 from Dollar General for, you guessed it, $1.

First, put one layer of whatever you’re using for the bottom of the glass. Then, stick your flowers inside and cut them where you want the waterline to be. I recommend at least an inch away from the top. After you cut your flowers, stick them in that first layer of what you put in the bottom and then add the rest of the rocks or pebbles to keep the flower stems in place. After that, slowly pour water over them, about an inch away from the top. Don’t worry, the petals will stay up. Some of them might move around, so go ahead and fix that. After that, just add your candle on top. Now you have a cute candle that you can use for weddings, a centerpiece, or just a cute decoration around your home.


Hope you guys enjoyed and let me know if you tried it!

Thanks for reading!

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