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Review: Black Seaweed Peel-Off Masque

Hey guys!

So I’m completely obsessed with this masque! I’ve only used it about 3-4 times, but I absolutely love it. It’s the Black Seaweed Peel-Off Masque, by the brand Montagne Jeunesse.

Black Seaweed Masque

The product itself is extremely sticky when you’re putting it on your face. But, it’s more of a thin consistency, rather than thick, so it’s not messy at all. All you need is a thin, even layer. Just let it sit for about 15-20 minutes, and you should be able to peel it off easily. See the video of how I put it on!

Black Mask Seaweed

My face feels so clean and soft afterwards! The first time I tried this mask, I had a breakout on both my temples, and they went down slightly after this mask! Definitely try this is you have breakouts and oily skin. The mask is PETA and vegetarian approved and is animal-cruelty free. The two main ingredients are Black Laver Seaweed and Sea Buckthorn. The description on the package says, “A seaside detox to cleanse deeply and peel off dirt and grease weekly”. Anything that takes dirt and grease off my face is welcomed.

The only downside to this masque is that I can’t find it in a tube! I’ve only seen it in the little packages, which I get 2 uses out of. But, I would prefer the big tube, so I don’t have to buy the packages in bulk. But the packages are $2 at Ulta, so it’s not too bad.

Overall, this mask is amazing! You get a lot of benefits for an inexpensive price. Let me know if you guys have tried it!

Thanks so much for reading!


L’Oreal Colour Riche Lipcolour: Top 2 Favs

Hello there!

Today, I wanted to talk about two of my favorite colors from the L’Oreal: Colour Riche collection. They have 47 shades! Obviously, I haven’t tried every single one, but I have tried ten. I like them all, but my two favs are the ones I wear everyday. It’s the colors: Toasted Almond and Cinnamon Toast.

Left: Toasted Almond Right: Cinnamon Toast

Left: Toasted Almond Right: Cinnamon Toast

I love both of them because they’re so good for an everyday use. Toasted Almond is more of a nude shade and has and has the perfect light brown/pink look to it. Cinnamon Toast is darker and has a dark brown type of look to it. I like using it to add color to my face, while the Toasted Almond is for when I’m feeling more natural.

Left: Toasted Almond Right: Cinnamon Toast

Left: Toasted Almond Right: Cinnamon Toast

All the lipsticks I’ve tried from this collection are all amazingly moisturizing! I would usually put on chapstick before putting on my lipstick, but I don’t need to with these! They’re very creamy and make my lips feel so soft. The application is so smooth! The color usually lasts me about 2 hours, but my lips are moisturized for a long time, which I love! Definitely a great drugstore lipstick.

Also, the packaging looks cute and classy. It’s gold and has a cute gold band around the middle. It doesn’t open itself in my purse like other lipsticks do, which is exactly what I need.


I bought them from Target for $5.99, which is a great price for such a good product. Definitely worth it. I hope you guys enjoyed this review and let me know if you’ve tried them!

Thanks for reading!

DIY: Cute Mason Jars

Hello lovelies!

Sorry I’ve been super MIA for the last month and a half. With finals and moving, it was hard to keep up with the blog. But, now everything is settled down and without further ado, here’s how to make cute mason jars.

Mason jars are awesome! You can use them for so many things, such as using them as a cup, a vase, or just a cute piece of decor. But, clear jars aren’t as fun as jars that you decorated yourself. It’s pretty simple and you can get as creative as you want with mason jars. I prefer the simple look, but you can decorate it however you please.

What you’ll need:


  • Mason Jar. I bought mine from Michael’s for only $2.
  • Paint. I bought Lilac Mist from the brand Apple Barrel from Walmart for only $0.50! I usually buy acrylic paint for the jars.
  • Applicator. I used a foam applicator from Michael’s. I bought a set of 4 for $3. You can use a regular brush, I just like the foam.
  • Tray for paint. You need something to pour some paint into. I just used a paper plate. Anything will work.
  • Access to an oven.

Optional: Cord/Twine. I bought mine at Michael’s for $5.


Now, just start painting the jar. I hold the jar upside down with one hand inside and paint it that way first,Β (see the image below). Paint the bottom too, and then let it dry while sitting on the top.

Paining Jar

After that’s dry, add a second coat and do the same thing. When that dries, turn the jar right-side up and paint a third coat, while also paining the lid area.


When that’s dry, place it in the oven. The oven smooths everything out and gives the jar a more finished look. I kept it in the oven while it was preheating, which only tookΒ 10 minutes. I also placed my jar in an aluminum tray, so it wouldn’t be difficult to get out.

Mason Jar in Oven

Be careful when you take it out and let it cool down. After that, you have a cute mason jar, the color you want! Another option is using twine to add a little detail.


Enjoy your mason jars! Let me know if you liked it!

Thanks for reading!