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Mask Maven Unboxing: July 2015

Happy Sunday Everyone!

Today I’m so excited to share my first ever Mask Maven unboxing! I was on the hunt for a subscription box that was all about skincare and then I happened upon this. So happy I did! The masks look so amazing! So without further ado, here’s what I got:

1. SNP Beijing Opera Brightening Sheet Mask

SNP Beijing Opera Brightening Sheet Mask

2. Urban Dollkiss Welcome to Korea Money Mask: Lifting-Up

Urban Dollface Money Mask: Lifting Up

3. Urban Dollkiss Welcome to Korea Money Mask: Moistfull

Urban Dollface Money Mask: Moistfull

4. AngelLooka Ultra Moisturizing Foot Mask Pack

AngelLooka Ultra Moisturizing Foot Mask Pack

5. Holika Holika: Ceramide + Honey

Holika Holika: Ceramide + Honey

6. Mediheal Black Eye Anti-Wrinkle Mask


7. Esfolio Milk Essence Mask Sheet

Esfolio Milk Essence Mask Sheet

8. Esfolio Gold Mask – Gold Essence

Esfolio Gold Mask - Gold Essence Mask Sheet

9. Tony Moly I’m Real: Pomegranate

Tony Moly I'm Real - Pomegranate

I’m so excited to try all of these! I think my favorite packaging is a tie between the Money Masks and the Milk Mask! So cute! I wanted to try different masks to improve my skin and I’m so glad I found Mask Maven!

Mask Maven is a subscription bag that is $15 for a month-to-month subscription. They have different prices if you decided to subscribe for 6 months or a year. They provide different types of masks, from facial masks to foot and eye masks! It’s amazing! From what I understand, all of their masks are from Asia, most are from Korea. I love that because Korea is known to produce the best skin care products. I’ll definitely do reviews on each of them and let you guys know how well they work! I love Mask Maven because you can actually buy some of these on their websites if you really like them! If you want to check it out, click here!

Let me know if you guys have tried this or what your favorite mask is!

Thanks so much for reading!


DIY: Magnetic Makeup Board

Hello everyone!

I’m going back to school in a month, so I’m trying to get all my dorm stuff ready. Of course, there are some things I want that are just too expensive. A magnetic make up board is one of them. So I figured, why not just make it myself? Here’s what you’re going to need:

-Picture Frame (TJ MAXX $12.99)

Picture Frame

-Sheet Metal (Lowe’s $7.00) Preferably same size as frame. Also, my Lowe’s told me they couldn’t cut it, but some do. Ask before you buy the cutters.

Sheet Metal + Cutters

-Cutters (Pictured Above) (Lowe’s $7.50 ) Make sure the gauge is the same gauge as your sheet metal.ย ONLY IF SHEET METAL NEEDS TO BE CUT!

-Fabric or craft paper/wrapping paper (Michaels $8.99 )


-Magnetic Strips (Target 4.99) Btw, Walmart doesn’t sell it.


-Glue Gun (Michaels 3.99)


-Tape/Measuring tool

First, if your sheet metal isn’t the same size as your frame, you need to cut it. Use a sharpie to outline the size of the frame, then cut it out. Be careful, because the edges of the sheet metal are very sharpย and may hurt your hands. If you have hardware gloves or just an thick glove, definitely put those on.

After you get your sheet metal cut, test it out by placing it in the frame, like how you would put a picture. When it passes the test, place it on your fabric or craft paper/wrapping paper. I would recommend the fabric, because it’ll last you a longer time and you won’t have to worry about it tearing randomly, especially on the sharp edges of the sheet metal. Cut around the sheet metal, about 1in-2in away from the sheet metal. After you do that, use your tape and tape the fabric/paper to the back of the sheet metal.


Make sure the front is flat, (no air bubbles), and then put it in your frame. Now your board’s done!

The last step is the easiest. All you need to do is cut your magnetic strips to fit your makeup products. Heavier products may need more magnets. Then hot glue the sticky part of the magnet to your product, be sure to press down for at least 30 seconds. After that, it should just stay on your magnetic board!


I really love this! It makes everything look neater and I can find my favorite products much faster than when they were sitting on my vanity! I love that I can choose what it looks like, because it matched my dorm stuff! A lot of magnetic makeup boards are expensive, and most of the time you won’t find the style you’re looking for. Making it yourself gives you the chance to create the exact look you want!

Hope you guys enjoyed and let me know if you tried it!

Hide Your Dark Circles with Lipstick

Hello everyone!

Today, I wanted to share a handy, little trick that I learned to hide under eye circles. I actually learned this method from Deepica Mutyala, but I changed the products she used to make it a bit more affordable. The idea is using a lipstick as a correcter. I choose the bright red Chaos by NYX, which was only about $4! Can’t go wrong with that.

NYX: Chaos

I prefer to do this after I put on my foundation, but feel free to do it before. All I do it take my pinky finger and tap on some of the Chaos on my dark circles. Also, I add some to the outer corner of my eyes because those are also very dark. I rub it out lightly, just to get it to not be too bright. You want a “haven’t slept in days/kinda dead” look, rather than a “by mistake I applied bright red lipstick to my eyes” look. Know what a mean? If not, here’s a picture.

Under Eye: Lipstick CorrecterBasically, just look like a tired zombie…

After that, I just add my concealer all over it. I use the Tarte Maracuja Creaseless Concealer. I prefer to tap it on with my finger. If you use a brush, pat the concealer in lightly, don’t drag the brush or else you’ll move your concealer and the red lipstick.

Correcter Lipstick

This bright red color is better for medium/olive skin tones close to mine. If you want to see which color is for you, check out this correcter site. For whatever color it says cancels out your dark circles/blemishes, just get a lipstick. You can use it as a double duty makeup weapon: correcter and lipstick!

Hope you guys enjoyed! Thanks so much for reading!

College: What They Tell You Vs. Reality

Hey guys!

I wanted to share a little video with you guys! It’s about all the stuff colleges tell you and what you actually end up doing. Come on, there’s a reason the majority of college students have tons of microwaveable food! And let’s face it, netflix all day! Hope you guys enjoyed!

Thanks for watching!