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Review: Mario Badescu Drying Lotion

Hello everyone!

Today, I have a review on the Mario Badescu Drying Lotion. Recently, my skin has been breaking out on my cheeks. I had a couple cystic pimples and a couple regular ones. I was trying everything I knew, from going back to my Clinique 3 Step-System, which helped me in middle school, to toothpaste. Nothing was helping and they just kept coming back. So I decided to try out the drying lotion, which I’ve seen used quite a bit by Youtube beauty gurus.


The ingredients that make up this product are very unique. One of the ingredients is calamine and that might attribute for the color, which is pink. If you have itching or irritation, it will help soothe it. That’s why people use it for poison ivy, chicken pox, and other uncomfortable skin issues. Another important ingredient it has is sulfur. The sulfur helps the pore become unclogged by drying it up. The product also has camphor, which gives a nice cooling sensation. It also has salicylic acid, which is popular product in acne medication. It helps clear out pores, which prevents breakouts.

It is a spot treatment, that is to be used at night or on days when you’re only staying at home. The reason for this is that the product is very pink and obvious. The pink part is thick and almost sediment-like, and stays at the bottom of the bottle. But there is a yellow liquid (the camphor), that fills up the top half, and they are not meant to be shaken up. There are two different bottles, the glass one and the plastic one. In the plastic one, the top half may seem clear, but it’s not.

It has directions on how to use it on the back. All you have to do it dip a cotton swap all the way in, making sure to pick up the pink part, and just dab it onto your zits. This is to be done after you’ve cleansed and moisturized. The picture below is what it looks like after I’ve dabbed it on with a cotton swab.


It does have a scent, which I personally don’t mind. Since it’s only meant to be used at night, it doesn’t bother me. If you’re sensitive to smells, this has a strong sulfur/camphor type of smell. After I dab it onto my acne, I let it sit there for about fifteen minutes, before I go to sleep, so that it has time to dry and not rub off on my sheets. In the morning, the spot will still be there. Either wash it off with water, (which may take a little bit longer than usual), or exfoliate with a gentle cleanser. I prefer the latter method.

The pictures below are areas where my face had been breaking out, and what they look like now.



This was after eleven days of applying the drying lotion straight on my acne. I’m not wearing makeup in any of the photos. As you can see, it really helped calm it all down and lessen the redness. I was surprised after seeing my pictures side by side, how much it actually changed. Obviously, there are still spots that show where the acne was, but it doesn’t seem like dark spots. I’ve noticed them fading each day, so I’m not worried about it. I was impressed, especially with the pimple that was closest to my nose, because it was really large and inflamed. But after about the third day, I noticed it starting to going down and now it’s just a little blemish, fading away each day.

I highly recommend this product is you have mild acne breakouts. By that, I mean you have a couple pimples here and there, but they aren’t consistent and there all the time. Before I purchased it, I had looked up reviews for myself, and people had said they noticed a different after the first night. That didn’t happen to me, but I did notice a difference after the third day, which is still really good!

I don’t really see any negative about this product, except for the price. It is $17 at Ulta, which is quite pricey for 1 ounce. But, seeing as you only use a cotton swab and dab the product on, I think it will last a pretty long time, so it’s worth it. Another part of the products some people may not like is the smell, but like I said before, it’s only at night when you should use it, so no one but you will be smelling it. I think it’s worth it, seeing as it actually does work.

Let me know if you guys have tried this product out! Feel free to leave any comments or questions! Thanks for reading!



Green Color-Corrector to Hide Pimples

Hey guys!

There has been a lot of talk about color-correcting nowadays. I’ve been correcting my dark circles for a while. Sometimes I use red lipstick, which you can read about here. Other times, I use products specifically made for color-correcting. I’m still new to the other colors, besides peach and salmon. I wanted a palette where I could experiment without spending too much money and the NYX Color-Correcting Concealer palette has it all. Today, all I’m going to focus on is the green corrector.

correctorΒ The green helps to cancel out redness. It follows the color-wheel idea, where one color can cancel out another. You can read more about it here. My process is very simple. All I do is apply moisturizer and primer before I apply the corrector. I use my finger to dab the green onto the red areas of my face. Around my nose and cheeks are wear I apply it normally. Then, I apply dots to my pimples. It doesn’t completely fade them, but it tones the color down after you apply foundation or CC creams.


I did apply the salmon color of the palette on my dark circles, as well.

It does make quite a difference! In this particular palette, the green color is a good beginner color. The texture is quite creamy and blends easier. I want to look for something thicker, because I find this one sheer. It does work, but I want to see if a more pigmented one will help my skin look even better.

I hope this helped any of you who want to try color-correcting! Feel free to leave any questions or comments!

Thank you so much for reading!

IT Cosmetics: Your Skin But Better Review

Hello everyone!

Today, I’m reviewing the IT Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC+ Cream. I’ve been testing it out for a little over a month and I absolutely love it! I originally picked it up because my skin was dry and this claimed to be hydrating. Also, since spring is here, the sun has been coming out more and this has a lot of SPF. I’m really happy that I happened upon it.

Its claims to be: color correcting, full coverage, 50 SPF, anti-aging and hydrating. That’s a lot of claims. Also, it states if you wear it out in the sun for a long period of time, reapply about every two hours.

The first thing that impressed me was the packaging.


It comes in the large tube, which holds 1.08 fl. oz. of product. The cap comes off, and it has a pump application, which I’m a huge fan of! The pump helps keep everything nice and neat. It also stops people for using too much product.Β The cap allows the product to stand on the pump area, so that even when you’re running low on the product, you can still get to it. Pumps that are at the top usually have a hard time getting the product, when it’s too low. It’s also travel friendly, because the cap prevents anything from pushing the pump in your bag.

So now the most important part: the application. I’m in the color Tan. First, I recommend not pushing the pump all the way. Instead, go halfway and add more when necessary.Β When I first used it, I pushed it all the way down, and ended up with way too much product. The way I apply it is by using my finger to dot it on my face, then I use a damp complexion sponge to buff it in.


It is definitely hydrating! I do apply moisturizer before, but sometimes I don’t, and it still holds up. I feel so much better wearing this through the day, especially when the sun is out because I know my skin is protected with SPF.

It says that it’s full-coverage, and I agree. But, it is definitely build-able. I can either go for a sheer look, where it just evens out my skin tone, or full-coverage, where all my blemishes are covered.

It stays on for a long time, about six to seven hours, but it does tend to get shiny/oily. I have oily combination skin, so that’s most likely why. I apply some setting powder to prevent that from happening. Also, it tends to smell like sunscreen for a couple minutes when you first put it on, but eventually fades away. That’s the SPF, and I don’t really mind the smell.

It is quite pricey. I bought it from ULTA for $38, but to me, it’s worth it! My skin has been having a hard time because the weather went from freezing and super windy, to really hot. It is oily, but now has more dry patches than usual. This CC-cream helps hydrate my dry spots and provides SPF protections, which I love. Definitely recommend! Have you guys tried it? If so, what do you think about it?

Thanks so much for reading!

Review: AG Fast Food Shampoo

Hello everyone!

Sorry for being so MIA lately! I’ve been having a stressful time, but now everything is great! So let’s hop into the review!

I want to talk about the AG Fast Food Shampoo. It was recommended by Farah Dukai, a huge beauty youtuber and one of my favorites as well. I trust her opinions and she really loved this shampoo, so I figured I would give it a shot. I found the smaller size for less than $15 (full size is $55), in the clearance section of Ulta.

AG Fast Food Shampoo

This shampoo is sulfate-free and claims to provide lots of hydration to chronically dry hair and other hair types. It sounded so great, so I tried it out immediately. The first couple times, I noticed my hair felt softer and looked shinier.

But after the third week with it, I started to notice a lot of fall out from my hair. I know fall out is normal, but it was an unusual amount. I didn’t know exactly what it was, so I kept on using the shampoo. I also bought one for my mom, who started using it as well. After a couple weeks, she told me that it was causing her hair to fall out!

I immediately stopped using it and went back to my regular shampoo, Garnier Pure Clean, and my hair returned to normal, with its minimal amount of fall out, which is normal.

I’ve heard a lot of great reviews about this shampoo, but unfortunarly it’s not for me. It might be my hair type, which is medium thick and straight. But, the shampoo claims to be for all hair types, which is a wide claim.

Feel free to comment and ask questions! Have you guys ever tried this shampoo? Let me know about your experience.

Thanks so much for reading!