Review: AG Fast Food Shampoo

Hello everyone!

Sorry for being so MIA lately! I’ve been having a stressful time, but now everything is great! So let’s hop into the review!

I want to talk about the AG Fast Food Shampoo. It was recommended by Farah Dukai, a huge beauty youtuber and one of my favorites as well. I trust her opinions and she really loved this shampoo, so I figured I would give it a shot. I found the smaller size for less than $15 (full size is $55), in the clearance section of Ulta.

AG Fast Food Shampoo

This shampoo is sulfate-free and claims to provide lots of hydration to chronically dry hair and other hair types. It sounded so great, so I tried it out immediately. The first couple times, I noticed my hair felt softer and looked shinier.

But after the third week with it, I started to notice a lot of fall out from my hair. I know fall out is normal, but it was an unusual amount. I didn’t know exactly what it was, so I kept on using the shampoo. I also bought one for my mom, who started using it as well. After a couple weeks, she told me that it was causing her hair to fall out!

I immediately stopped using it and went back to my regular shampoo, Garnier Pure Clean, and my hair returned to normal, with its minimal amount of fall out, which is normal.

I’ve heard a lot of great reviews about this shampoo, but unfortunarly it’s not for me. It might be my hair type, which is medium thick and straight. But, the shampoo claims to be for all hair types, which is a wide claim.

Feel free to comment and ask questions! Have you guys ever tried this shampoo? Let me know about your experience.

Thanks so much for reading!

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