New Hair

Happy Saturday everyone!
So February is my birthday month, (February 1st), and I decided it was a good excuse to treat myself. So I went out and got some highlights! I’ve always had black hair and wanted a change. As nice as black hair is, it’s pretty boring (at least to me). Braids and curls don’t look nearly as cute as when there’s some sort of dimension to it, so I got some highlights. My hair dresser described it as a balayage sort of highlight. Here’s the picture I used to show her what I wanted:

I have similar hair inspirations on my Pinterest @amandasushma

I know if you have black hair, lightening it is super hard. It does cost a lot, (mine was $100), but I’d rather get it done by a professional than a friend who claims they can do it. As much as I like my friends, I don’t want an amateur coming at my hair with bleach. I really recommend if you’re considering someone like that, ask them for pictures to see what they’ve done. I thought I would share my look to inspire any of my dark-haired girls who are nervous about dying their hair.


I’m super happy with the result! It’s not too much of a drastic change, but the color really makes my hairstyles look good. Even if it’s just bedhead, it looks a thousand times better. I love it so much! I hope you guys get inspired! Feel free to comment and ask any questions.

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