How to ‘Live Life to the Fullest’

When I think of blur, via Daily Prompt: Blur, life comes to mind. I know it’s an obvious connection, but it’s so true. Life is such a blur. One day I thought I would be in high school forever living with my parents, and now a minute later, here I am about to graduate college and having to struggle with everything.

People are always saying “live life to the fullest”, but sometimes I think, ‘easy for you to say, you don’t have anything to worry about’. Things like work, money, bills, family, etc., prevent us from doing what we want. Most of the time, I spend my days in school or working, so days just slide by without a second thought, and the next thing I know, it’s the new year. I’m only twenty-two and I already feel like I’m throwing days away.

My goal is to graduate as soon as possible and then get a job. I guess that’s the goal of all college students, huh? But, after getting a job, hopefully I’ll have enough free time to just enjoy life.

I realized a long time ago that you don’t need to spend anything besides time to ‘live life to the fullest’. Today I took a venture out to a local Asian garden and walked around the woods. It was really fun going and doing something I don’t usually do.

Time with friends and family is also a goal of mine. Of course, everyone’s busy, but when you can finally get them together, that’s what life’s about! Whether it’s time to yourself or making time for others, I believe time is the key in allowing yourself to enjoy life to the fullest.

Thank you for reading and let me know what you do to enjoy your life!


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