Au Natural or Glitter All Day?

Hello everyone,

I’m aiming to do a post a day, with the help of the  Daily Prompt: Glitter.

When I think of glitter, I think of makeup and beauty. That’s the primary content of my blog. I think it’s interesting how makeup and looks in general are being viewed in today’s world.

Of course, there are so many opinions, I can’t possible talk about all of them. But, I have noticed two polar opposites.

The first are the makeup lovers, such as myself. Nowadays, makeup is so popular. Whether you like it or not, it’s always on your Instagram explore page or featured on some other site. It’s fun and brings out the creativity in people, at least in my opinion. So many different looks are being done today, and it’s just amazing! I love makeup because it brings so many different people together, like any other interest. Men have been able to climb over huge gender stereotypes because of it too.

Of course, there are people who don’t like all of the glitter, glows, and bronzy looks these days. When I browse through comments for pictures that makeup artists and makeup brands put up on their pages, I see a lot of makeup haters out there.

Disclaimer: Not hating on people who don’t like makeup, just commenting on what some say.

I notice a lot of comments such as “Why is she putting so much on her face?”, “Too glittery”, “Who would wear that ever?”, and of course the “Try what I do. Makeup free and natural”. I just wonder, why comment all of that on a makeup page, that’s literally what their about.

Most recent example of some of those comments on a makeup artist’s video on a makeup brand’s page. Why comment when it’s literally their business/job? From LorealMakeup’s Instagram.

I know I seem to be coming off as against the ‘natural’ way of life, but I’m just against telling others off for what they like doing. I totally get the no-makeup people, and understand that they want people to confident in their own skin. But what I just don’t understand is judging others for actually using it. Why can’t you do what you want, and let others live how they want, (and keep rude comments to yourself)? Of course, isn’t that what the internet is known for, telling everyone and everything what to do.

Personally, I love how my face looks like with makeup, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t go makeup free. Without makeup, I still feel confident, but with it, it’s such a boost. So what if people hide their pimples or wear bright blue eyeshadow? How does that affect anyone else?

Also, for people who use makeup for self-confidence, is that so terrible? People take drugs to feel happy, so what if some foundation helps someone get through the day?

This is all my opinion and I’m definitely interested in your opinions, so feel free to leave any comments! Thanks for reading!

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