“Translate for Me” – Racially Ambigous Problems

Hello everyone! I wanted to try to blog a lot more, and thought I would try out the Daily Prompts. Today's prompt is 'translate'. It made me think about all of the wonderful languages out there and the fact that I only know one, as you may be able to tell (I hope), English. Though... Continue Reading →


Copper Highlights (Video)

Hello everyone! Hope you're all having a wonderful Friday! My last post was about my new hair. I made a video, where you can see it much better! To all my black-haired girls out there, there's hope (that's not too damaging). Hope you guys enjoy! https://youtu.be/bb9Fww-LqrA

New Hair

Happy Saturday everyone! So February is my birthday month, (February 1st), and I decided it was a good excuse to treat myself. So I went out and got some highlights! I’ve always had black hair and wanted a change. As nice as black hair is, it’s pretty boring (at least to me). Braids and curls... Continue Reading →

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