Vlog: Stressed Out About Everything

Hello everyone!

I recently just made my first ever vlog (where I’m talking about life) on my youtube channel. I would love if you guys would check it out, and feel free to leave any comments! Thank you!

One thought on “Vlog: Stressed Out About Everything

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  1. Ah girl – you sound like any other person about to graduate, i was the same way. I would just sayy, from my own experience, to take your time and enjoy yourself. I was super stressed out too to find a job ASAP and get my life together, but honestly – it’s not fun once you’re in a routine! I wish i had taken time to start working full time, and travelled and just chilled a little. Cuz once you start working, you never stop.
    Plus i would apply to any/all types of jobs, even if the job says x+ years of experience, i did and sometimes they still call you! they just write that out there to make it sound tougher than it is.
    dont worry – take your time – breathe! trust me, it’ll be okay!!<3


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