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Hello everyone!

I wanted to try out a GlamGlow sample mask I had and decided it was time for a pampering session. I could see the black heads on my nose and knew it was time for pore strip as well, so might as well knock two birds out with one stone…what a violent analogy.


The mask I tried was the GlamGlow Flashmud Brightening Treatment and let me tell you, this mask smells amazing! I have a sample size, but I would purchase the full size just for the smell. It’s like a mixture between berries and roses, but it’s just the right amount, not overbearing or anything.


It’s an exfoliating mask, so as you apply it, the directions say to rub it in in circular motions to do a “pre-exfoliation”. You can feel the exfoliating beads and it feels good to rub it on your skin. You have to wait twenty minutes for it to dry. Seems like a long time, but the smell makes it worth it.

When it’s time to take it off, I go ahead and use lukewarm water to rub the product around, exfoliating my face more. Then, I went ahead and rinsed it all off, which was very easy. Some masks are tough to get off, but this one was simple.

I did notice my face looked more glowy, but I’m not sure if that was the mask or just the face that I had just washed my face. But I know for sure the mask made my face feel super soft and clean. For the brightening effect, I’ll have to use it some more and see, but I’m liking it so far.

As for the pore strip, I’ve used this one numerous times. It is the ever popular Biore pore strip. This one was a limited edition design, it has flowers on it, which is super cute! Perfect little detail to make it even more fun for a girls night or something.


As with most pore strips, you just wet your nose and apply the strip. I always try to push it into the corner of my nose, to get deep in there, but I don’t think it works. Anyone else do that too?

This pore strip says to leave it on for ten minutes, but since my mask was twenty minutes, I broke the rules and left it on for the same amount of time. Whoops. But it just gave it more time to attach to some gunk on my nose, right? One can hope.

The pore strip was hard, so I went ahead and took it off. I pulled it off, slowly. I know some people rip it super fast, to avoid the pain, but I saw pulling it slowly will help pull the black heads and gunk out even better. Even the directions say pull slowly, towards the center. Listen, it’s hard to pull slowly, but beauty is pain. So that’s what I did and boy oh boy, I love seeing the pore strip gunk. I know that some of you agree with me! It’s cool to see what was on your nose, even though it’s gross, at least it’s off now! I’ll spare you guys that picture. But, let’s just say it took a lot off.

Overall, I enjoyed my little pampering session. My face feels great and clean! Always remember, there’s no rules in skincare. You don’t just have to use one mask or one thing on your face at a time. That’s wear multi-masking comes into use. If you’re dry in one spot and oily in the other, just apply the appropriate mask product and let both areas get what they need. Or in my case, let your nose skip the mask and go straight to the pore strip.

I hope you guys enjoyed this little review! Let me know what you think! Have you tried either of these products before?

Also, if you like this review, check out my review on the Bubble Sheet mask from GlamGlow!

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