Casual Lavender OOTD

Hello everyone!

Hope you guys had a great day! I really like Wednesdays, hump day as they say, gotta love the middle of the week. It means we’re that much closer to the weekend! I wanted to share this cute, everyday outfit. I love outfits like this because their simple and easy to put together.

Now, I know it’s Mean Girls Day and we’re supposed to wear pink…but isn’t lavender in the same girly family? Sorry, I don’t wear too much pink…not really sure why. That just means I need to go to shopping.


I love this top! It’s an off the shoulder, lavender, flowy top from Charlotte Russe. The shoulder part has elastic throughout it, which holds it up really well. The only complaint I have is when you need to raise your arms higher than normal, for example when driving. But what can I say…there are consequences to dressing cute.

The jeans are simple high-waisted denim from Forever 21. I paired the outfit with my olive green purse from Charming Charlie’s. Hope you guys liked this outfit!


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