Under-Eye Concealer Tips

Hello everyone,

So sorry I’ve been MIA the past few months! I just started a new job and have been working two, so I haven’t had a lot of free time. But I’d like to share some undereye concealer tips that I’ve learned throughout the years.

I have genetic dark under-eye circles, as well as my eyes are deep set, so it creates a shadow as well. Two things going against me, so thank god for whoever invented concealer. I’ve tried a variety of concealers, and have had a variety of different problems, so I hope what I learned is helpful to someone out there.

First of all, after applying concealer, do you think your eyes look…not like the rest of your skin tone? Maybe a little gray? Or just plainly like you put a concealer over them and instead of matching, it just ashes you out? I would definitely recommend a color corrector.

I have a light-medium skin tone, with neutral and a hint of olive hues. I like the orange corrector from L.A. Girl, just because I find the applicator to be very user-friendly. It doesn’t get messy, which I appreciate. I haven’t found a “holy grail” corrector to recommend to you guys, so definitely research what color or formula might fit you the best. But, if you notice weird discoloration with concealer alone, definitely try a corrector before you apply it.

Of course, there are some concealers that have the hue of the corrector you would need, so it’s like a two for one product, and does a great job at concealing dark circles. My top two are the ever so popular, Tarte Shape-Tape and the Laura Mercier camouflage concealer. Both of them are a good concealer shade for me, and there’s a slight peachy hue to them, which works well for my skintone.

Another issue I’ve faced is when you apply your concealer with an old/used sponge, and it just looks so…not smooth, more on the side of cakey/scaley. Ugh, super annoying. I used the smaller Real Techniques sponge for my concealer, and I really like it. But, I’m a cheap girl, I don’t like buying expensive things I already own. Those tiny blenders for for 8.99 for two, which actually doesn’t sound bad, but if I have it, why buy it? Wrong.

My concealer was looking super cakey because my concealer sponge was really on its last life. It wasn’t smooth anymore, it had crevices where the makeup had settled and my nails had made dents into it. Not the best applicator to apply to my undereyes.

I finally bit the bullet and purchased a new set of the Real Techniques smaller sponges, I got four for 8.99, which was a great deal. When I used the new sponge, I definitely noticed a huge difference. My concealer went on much smoother, I didn’t have weird scaly patterns on my under eyes, it just looked normal.

I guess this isn’t a makeup tip, but rather a cleaning tip. Replace your sponges ladies and gents..I know it’s hard if you’re cheap like me, but in the end, you’ll notice a huge difference.

This last one is actually one I learned by watching a video by the wonderful Wayne Goss. Basically, he’s saying don’t apply a lot of pressure when applying your concealer. He says that you should be able to feel the restraint in your arm. I’ve been doing this for a long time, and I’ve really noticed a difference in how it looks. Yes, you want to blend, but going to hard might create a weird pattern or force the concealer to stick in certain places. Anyway, applying pressure to your under-eyes in general is not great because it can cause wrinkles faster, so just lightly tap and blend when applying anything you your under-eyes.

That’s my concealer tips for you guys today, don’t worry, I’ve had a lot of other problems, and found solutions that I’ll definitely share another day. I hope you guys enjoyed reading! Do you have any concealer tips?

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