Matcha + Chia Essence Lotion

Hello everyone!

I was browsing Ulta about two months ago and came across this Kitao Matcha + Chia Essence serum, and I absolutely love it!

I’ve noticed a huge difference in how clear my skin looks. I had minor dark spots and my skin was pretty dull looking, but after using this consistently, I look refreshed. Not saying it made my dark spots go away, but less noticeable, and cleaner. My pores love this stuff too!

I apply it every night, I started off using my hands and doing a facial massage, but now I use a gua sha, and I love how it feels with this product. It really absorbs it when using the gua sha. I found my gua sha and a jade roller set at TJ Maxx for about $14.99.

I love the packaging on it. I even kept the container it came in because it looked so nice. It’s a brown cardboard, recycle container, with a simple look to it, that reminds me of the spa. The actual bottle is clear, with a brown tint. I like this, it’s low-key and not doing the most to show off. The cap is white and is just a basic open and close.

I do have one con with this product and that is how it comes out. The hole at the top is super small, and you have to turn it over and get it on your hands or whatever your using to apply it. It’s a small issue, but kind of annoying. Maybe a pump of some sort would’ve have made applying it easier, but that’s my only qualm with this product.

It is slightly pricey at $25, but I think it’s completely worth it and will repurchase after I’m done. I do keep it in it’s cardboard packaging because I’m not sure if the light will affect the ingredients, so I just keep it away from light to be safe.

I hope you guys enjoyed this little review, and let me know if you’ve tried any other products from this brand. Click here for the link for the product. I’m really interested in knowing if their other products are as good as this one.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Great post! I’ve never heard about this brand before, and this product sound very interesting I must try it!

    I will definitely follow for future posts!

    Feel free to check out my blog as I post about life, beauty and skincare!
    and feel free to follow my IG: @r.gravityblog


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