Bye Bye Blondie!

Hello everyone! I wanted to share a major hair update with you guys!

I recently dyed my blonde balayage hair to all black. Yes, you read that right. In the beginning, I loved the blonde. It was so different from my natural black hair, but more obvious than the copper highlights I used to have. I loved seeing the different colors and how it looked curled. I did keep my roots black, and got my stylist to do a natural blend towards the blonde.

Over time, the cool-toned blonde, started becoming brassy, which I knew was going to happen because my natural color is so dark. Even with the purple shampoo, it still turned with a month or so.

Originally, I had wanted an ashy blonde look and my stylist informed me it would take a couple sessions to get there. But I felt my hair getting so damaged, and I’ve always been someone with pretty healthy hair. I have fine hair, but it has always been pretty strong, until this color change. I dyed my hair twice before, once for highlights and once for a brown balayage. The bleach/blonde must’ve been too much this time around.

No matter what color, damage is going to happen. My hair felt rough, and there was some breakage as well. Since the texture was bad, the color was becoming brassy, and the price was high to get this done in the first place, I decided I had enough with experimenting with my hair.

I decided one last dye was necessary, back to black I went. I originally had blue black, but the blue has faded out by now. Even though the ends of my hair are still damaged, the black hides everything. It looks long, shiny, and healthy. Hey, fake it till you make it.

Dying my hair and changing my look was fun, but I finally have it out of my system and this way I can save money for makeup. I also have some lovely gray hairs popping out here and there, so black is perfect for me to do a quick touch up as well.

I love black hair as well, I feel like sometimes it’s underrated because so many people have it as a natural color. But dyed black hair is so much different than natural black/dark brown hair. In my opinion, jet black hair pops more and is far more reflective, letting your hair look shinier.

I had a lot of black haired inspirations that motivated me to embrace my jet black hair, (and save tons of $$$ for other things)

Black Hair Inspirations

Are any of you planning to dye your hair anytime soon? What color? If not, have you ever dyed it or are you just not into it?

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