Hello everyone!

I recently purchased some clothing from the ever so popular online site, SheIn, for my Miami trip. I’m just going to start off by saying, I love the styles that I purchased and they were all pretty decent quality. The items I purchased were exactly like what I saw on the website, so I think I lucked out there.

I know that many online clothing websites are sometimes hit or miss, but I’m definitely going to be repurchasing from SheIn. I purchased a couple two-piece skirt sets, tops, and bikinis, and let me tell you…the prices are amazing! Without further ado, here are some of the items I purchased.

Two-Piece Sets

Floral Off the Shoulder Top with Skirt – Size Small $16

I’m absolutely in love with this set! It was perfect for Miami, and the summer in general! It’s exactly as pictured on the website. The material is very light and the skirt is slightly see through. It’s a wrap skirt, so you have to wrap it and secure it yourself. The skirt is on the shorter side, I placed it as a high-waisted skirt, but I’ve seen other people post pictures on the reviews and they positioned it lower, so it just depends on your preference.

I will say, the top is a little odd, but I got used to it. I love the sleeves of this top, but I think some people might find them a little too tight, so definitely double check their size chart before you order. Also, I’m on the petite side, standing at 5 feet, so crop tops tend to be regular tops for me. I was able to show a little belly, so that will vary depending on your measurements. The front of the top was perfect, I preferred to wear a bralette for a little lift, because without it, the girls looked slightly saggy because the top bunched up if I didn’t wear a bralette. It has small issues, but for $16 for both the top and bottom, I don’t mind at all. But, watch out for the wind girl!

Contrast Collar Crop Top & Drawstring Waist Skirt – Size Extra Small $19

I like this one, but it doesn’t fit me like I thought. I wanted that cute crop top look, like the model on the website, instead I just look like I’m going to play fashionable tennis. *cries in short* But the quality is nice and thick for both the top and bottom.

I’m going to wear them together more in the fall, with chunky white sneakers, but it’s way too hot to wear the top in the summer. It’s a nice and warm long sleeve, but not great for the heat in the south at the moment. The sleeves were slightly too long, but it gave off the “over-sized look”, so you can make it work. I love how the skirt fits, nice and tight! I’ve been wearing it with a plain white top, and loving it. I love the pops of yellow, especially the vertical line and drawstring on the skirt. Overall, this is a pretty cute look for the price, just watch out if you’re a shortie, it’s not going to be much of a crop top. Story of our lives.


One Shoulder Snake Skin Bodysuit – Size Extra Small $7

I love this bodysuit! The material is so soft, and the snakeskin pattern makes me feel fierce! I wore this for a concert with a black pleather mini-skirt. I think this is a unique top because of the one sleeve and the pattern, and I’m so happy I got it for only $7! Yes, $7, you read that right. It has three buttons you have push in at the bottom, but they’re pretty easy to clasp together. No complaints here.

Ditsy Floral Self Tie Wrap Crop Top – Size Small $9

This top is super cute on, but it’s kind of annoying when you’re actually wearing it. It’s a wrap top, which I’ve never owned before, so I had to make sure I tied it tight enough and angle it the right way. I wore this with a bralette, it’s definitely see through. I really like the sleeves and the pattern, it’s a very dainty look. It’s fine when you’re standing, but sitting was the worst. It bunches up, and then reveals a little too much. Definitely some tape or a safety pin will fix that tho. Overall, it’s a cute look, but annoying to wear.

Those are some of the items I purchase from SheIn! Overall, really great items, and the quality was great for all of them. They looked exactly as pictures, the only sizing issues I had was my personal measurements. I did order some bathing suits, so a review on those will be up soon!

Have you guys ever ordered from SheIn? Did you have a good experience?


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    1. Yeah, I was pretty skeptical too! If a product doesn’t have a review, I won’t buy it. The reviews and measurements are your friends on that website. If you try it, let me know how they fit!


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