Review: Romwe Classic Collar Pullover Sweatshirt

Hello everyone,

I recently purchased this Romwe Women’s Classic Collar Long-Sleeve Curved Hem Pullover Sweatshirt from Amazon. First of all, talk about a long title for a product, but it’s Amazon so what do you expect.

I’ve purchased things from Romwe before, so I felt comfortable purchasing their product from Amazon. It was $19.99 and I purchased an extra-small. I placed my order on April 12th and received it on April 22nd, so a pretty normal wait time.

I really like this top! It’s a sweatshirt material, but dressy enough to wear to work. I’m a sucker for these shirts that make it look like you’re wearing a sweater over your dress shirt, but in reality it’s all one item. I saw that the style is called a two in one, twofer, or 2fer, at least on Amazon.

I like this one because it’s soft and fits long, which is exactly how I wanted it to fit. I like it when the bottom hem is flowy for these type of shirts.

I’m not someone who likes to wait to wear new pieces of clothing, so I wore this long-sleeved, thick sweatshirt to work, when it was 96 degrees Fahrenheit. Sure, I was hot outside, but inside, I felt great.

The quality on this is really nice. It’s 95% Polyester, 5% Spandex, and stretchy fabric. It felt smooth and soft, while the “dress shirt” part was light and airy.

I purchased the light gray, but they have a good variety of colors that I will definitely be purchasing more.

Let me know what you guys think!

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