Who Inspired My Beauty Addiction?

Hello everyone!

I wanted to do a post on my beauty inspirations because without them, I probably wouldn’t even have become interested in makeup or anything beauty related, at least not enough to start this blog.

Just a quick background: I lived in New York until I was ten and then my family moved to North Carolina. We didn’t move to the most diverse place, so I felt like I was too different and just wanted to look like the other girls, who were majority, Caucasian. But, when I discovered the beauty part of Youtube, I found a lot of brown girls who were beautiful, smart, and doing their thing. It inspired and showed me that I don’t have to look like anyone else, and these women were the role-models I needed at that age.

First, Farah Khan a.k.a Farah Dhukai. I love her and still follow her to this day. You might have seen Farah on Instagram, usually with an interesting DIY either for hair care or skin care. She was the first Desi Youtuber I ever saw.

Photo from Farah’s Instagram

She did and continues to do beautiful Indian makeup tutorials, researches ingredients to create beauty DIYs, and has her own company and product called Farsali. I watched all the vlogs with her and her husband, and watched them grow and eventually get their product sold in Sephora, which is amazing. I was excited when I heard Indian music playing in the background, or when she joked about her mustache, that let’s face it, majority of brown girls have till they discover ways to get rid of it.

Another inspiration is IreneSarah or Irene Khan. She’s the one I keep up with the most these days. She always has the most beautiful glam looks, and now she has her little daughter, who she includes in her videos and fashion. I just love it! Her husband, Waseem, creates awesome music as well.

I just remember seeing her beautiful black hair, brown skin, and big eyes, and thinking “I have those features too, just not as gorgeous”. But, she did different videos and I learned how to do certain makeup looks, hairstyles, and how to appreciate the glamorous part of makeup. I loved her because she was nerdy, glam, and knew how to stand up for herself. I know this might be taboo in “inspiration posts”, but various people would comment about her makeup, religion, personal choices, etc., and she would always defend herself. I really like that about her!

This next inspiration started off as more of an idolization at first, but as I saw more of her talents and what she was passionate about, she became another one of my inspirations. That is Nicole Scherzinger. I absolutely adore her!

View this post on Instagram

Suit & tie 💋

A post shared by Nicole Scherzinger (@nicolescherzinger) on

If you don’t know who she is, she was the lead singer of the Pussycat Dolls, she’s a judge on the X-Factor, has various hits of her own (Right There ft. 50 Cent, Your Love, etc.), acted/voice acted (HIMYM and Moana, for starters), and has done a lot for children with special needs and other causes.

I think I first saw her when I was looking up the music videos for Don’t Cha and Buttons by the Pussycat Dolls. She has the charisma, talent, and looks that just draw you in. I’ve been obsessed every since, and through various social media, you can see how passionate she is about her causes and job.

Those are three of my inspirations today. I have a lot more, but those three really got me through middle school and early highschool days, when I needed the extra motivation.

Who were your inspirations growing up?

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