First-Impressions of Glossier

Hello everyone!

I recently purchased my first products from Glossier and quickly tested them out on my face. I purchased their “makeup set”, which includes the Boy Brow, Lashslick, and Cloud Paint. I chose the Boy Brow in Black and the Cloud Paint in Dusk. The “set” was $40, and it was free shipping when I purchased them. I ordered it Thursday and received it Saturday, so amazing shipping.

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From AmandaSushma Instagram
Indoors with a DSLR

This is just my first impression of the products, so my opinion may change over time.

Boy Brow: I think this is a good product. It does require some practice, but with my first application, my brows looked thicker and darker. It only took about 15 seconds of brushing it through, per brow to get them this dark and “filled” looking. To be honest, I’m not a brow girl. I don’t change the shape or anything, I want a fast and easy product. This is perfect, and small enough to travel with. I think with some practice, I’ll really enjoy this product.

Lashslick Mascara: I love the simple packaging of this. It’s pale pink and simple. This gives a very natural lifted lash look, with some lengthening. I understand why someone would like this, but personally, I don’t think it’s worth it’s price. By itself, the Lashslick is $16. Not worth it, in my opinion. You can find an $8 drugstore mascara that gives, volume and lengthening for half the price. It’s a pretty end result, but I would not repurchase.

Cloud Paint in Dusk: Okay, so I might’ve gone overboard when I applied the product, but in my defense, it was my first time and I was excited. The color I chose was Dusk, which is a “brownish nude” as described on the website. The formula is a gel-cream, but when you apply it, it seems very liquidy. It is easy to blend and build. Warning, do not squeeze the bottle too hard. This product is liquidy and too much can come out at one time (trust me, please learn from my mistakes). I like the peachy/bronzy glow it gave me. I’ve been kind of tired of the pink-toned blushes, and wanted to try something else. So glad I picked this, with some more practice, I think I can create some cute, natural looks.

Have you tried Glossier? I really like that all their products are true to their branding. It’s sheer, natural, and gives that no-makeup effect. I’m usually a full-coverage gal, but I was thinking about trying a skin tint from them as well. What do you guys think?

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  1. Boy brow is AMAZING! I won’t use any other brow gel! I like that it’s formulated in a way that makes the hairs look very natural! Great post β™‘


  2. Great post and very informative! πŸ˜ƒ I want to buy Boy Brow I have thin eyebrows but they’re very sparse will it work well to put on top of a brow pencil or pomade?

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    1. Girl, I think this would be perfect for you! The Boy Brow distributes color light and evenly, makes it look natural. It does cover up sparse areas, but on top of pencil or pomade, it would make a huge difference. You definitely should look into it. I mostly have a sparse area in the front, inner brow, and it makes it look natural when I brush it through. If you try it, let me know how it works for you!


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