My Favorite Podcasts

Hello everyone!

I’ve been podcast obsessed and would like to share some of my favorite ones with you guys. The topics I listen to are murder/serial killer, fantasy, and book clubs (mostly all the Harry Potter podcasts).


The first podcast I ever listened to, and still listen to, is Potterless. It is hosted by Mike Schubert and is about an adult man reading the Harry Potter series for the first time. I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned it on my blog before, but I’m a die-hard Harry Potter fan!

I took the Pottermore quiz, (three times), and got sorted into Slytherin. At first, I felt bad, but then I realized eh, 2019 Slytherins are not racist, and if anything, people like me make the house better because diversity makes everything better. I’m just a little mean, but with cunning and ambition. If you’ve taken the quiz, what’s your house?

Anyway, back on topic. I really like Mike’s commentary on the chapters. He does a little bit of summary, but his opinions and what he thinks it all means, are very interesting and hilarious. For example, he is constantly dogging on J.K. Rowling for the fact that in the Sorcerer’s Stone, she called Dumbledore’s deluminator, the “put-outer”, but then calls it the deluminator in the other books without any explanation. He believes that she realized it was a dumb name, and tried to pass it off as “its always been the deluminator”, when it wasn’t. I thought that was really funny, and something I completely missed myself.

Right now, I think he only has two more chapters till he finishes the entire series. But he will be doing episodes on what he thinks about Quidditch, The Cursed Child, and more Harry Potter topics. You have time to catch up! It’s a fun, nostalgic trip back, and I like knowing what happens and hearing what he thinks will happen. If you like Harry Potter, definitely give this podcast a listen.


The Teacher’s Pet, is an Australian podcast, created by Hedley Thomas, and it’s important to note he’s a journalist at The Australian. This podcast follows the real life investigation into the disappearance of Lyn Dawson. We learn about her husband and his brother, and how her relationship with the suspect and her husband, Chris Dawson, started.

If you’re interested in crime and murder, this one is for you. And, this case is still going on. Last I heard, a trial is set for sometime in 2020. If you’re in Australia, they are taking down the first 16 episodes, so people aren’t biased against Chris Dawson.

This is a fascinating real-life case, highly recommend. If you’ve listened to it already, please tell me what you think!


This podcast is self-explanatory. Each episode features a different killer, (some have more than one episode), and delves into their crimes and victims. They discuss the psychological aspects of the cases and the killers. They have an abundance of episodes, all easy to navigate because they’re named after who the episode is about.

For me, so far the most interesting one is Episode 109, about Amelia Dyer. I don’t want to spoil anything, but I found the episode interesting because she was a female killer, and I learned there was a such thing as ‘baby farms’ in her time. If that’s not creepy, I don’t know what is.

Join The Party

Let’s get off the serial killer train, and jump onto the Jump the Party Pod train. This podcast is a dungeons and dragons podcast, and the players have created a great story! This one is a more recent listen of mine, so I’m not caught up yet. I’m still listening to episodes in 2018, so I’m not sure how far along they’ve gotten, but I really enjoy this podcast.

I’ve never played Dungeons and Dragons, but their first episode is a good instruction guide for newbies, and we can also learn more as the story progresses. I really enjoy that it’s role-playing on the spot, and hearing all the different actions the players decide to do is fun. Also, the dungeon master has created a really cool world, adventure, and various characters. I really like when someone rolls a 1 with their dice, and the DM creates the worst scenario for them. I guess it’s just my inner Slytherin coming out at those moments. Definitely check this podcast out if you’re into role-playing, fantasy worlds, or just want to hear a really cool adventure featuring an elf, robot, and warlock.

Did you see any Podcasts you might try or have already listened to? Feel free to let me know down below. Also, I’m super interested in your Pottermore houses if you want to share!

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