Pacifica: Cosmic Clay Face Mask Review

Hello everyone,

Today I have a mask review for you guys. My skin hasn’t been doing that great lately, I believe it’s due to stress and hormones (thanks mother nature for appearing this week). Basically, I have a small cluster of acne forming on one side of my chin. Perfect time to try out a new mask!

As I mentioned in my Glossier post, I’m becoming more conscious of purchasing cruelty-free products. A lot of what I already own is cruelty free, such as Fenty, E.LF., and the Ordinary products. Pacifica is cruelty-free and also vegan friendly.

I was wandering around in Target one day and saw this mask. I’ve purchased perfume from Pacifica, it was the Island Vanilla scent and absolutely loved it. The mask is the Cosmic Clay Face Mask and what appealed to me was the packaging.

AmandaSushma: Pacifica Cosmic Clay Face Mask

I really like that it’s in the shape of a moon and you can get 3-4 uses out of it. It contains 1.18 fl oz of product. It’s a moon-shaped pouch, which I find to be very creative. The design is cute and simple as well. I purchased it from Target for about $5.99. I don’t see it on Ulta’s website, so I’m not sure if they carry this particular mask. I know they carry the brand, but I don’t see anything from Pacifica’s Cosmic line on their website, so it might just in Target for now.

The two main ingredients it advertises are hemp and orange oil. It claims to “deeply cleanse and reincarnate skin balance”. The back states that it will “get the muck” out of your pores. I’m not an expert in ingredients, so I had to do a quick search on the two main ingredients. I learned that hemp oil extract is good for oily skin because it moderates oil production. It also moisturizes, soothes inflammation, has anti-aging properties, and can help ease the symptoms of eczema. Click here for the source.

The orange oil is listed as “parfum -with orange essential oil” in the ingredients for this mask. Orange oil is high in vitamin C and is beneficial for dark spots and collagen. This website discusses many more ways orange essential oil is beneficial, not just for skin, but your overall health.

The product was really easy to squeeze out of the moon-shaped tube. I really, really love that there’s a cap, it makes everything less messy! I didn’t notice a scent on this mask, and it was easy to apply. It’s bluish-gray, and dries really fast. Following the directions, I kept the mask on for fifteen minutes.

When this mask dries, some of the product looks like it disappears, and it blends in with the skin. Since this was my first time using the mask, I wasn’t expecting a huge difference. It did make my face extremely soft! I know a lot of masks do that, but this effect carried all the way to the next morning. Acne-wise, I didn’t notice much of a difference, but it was my first time using this mask.

After mask: Facial Oil for moisturizer

I really like it and definitely want to try more from Pacifica’s Cosmic line. If you have any cruelty free products you’d like to recommend, please let me know! Thanks for reading!

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