Parissa: Warm Wax on Bikini Area & Underarms Review

Hello everyone!

I wanted to share my thoughts on the Parissa: Warm Wax Review. Parissa is a cruelty-free, natural brand that I discovered in Ulta. I purchased the warm wax, which is microwavable, but they have various other waxing/depilatory products.

I used to use the Sally Hansen wax, but I’m moving towards making all my products cruelty-free and it’s hard to find a definitive answer on if they’re cruelty-free or not. Their website states that in countries that require animal testing, such as China, they’re involved in a “dialogue” for alternative testing methods, but it doesn’t say that they do not test in China. As a result, after I finished that wax, I went on the hunt for a new brand and Parissa fit what I was looking for.

At Ulta, it is 12.99, which isn’t bad at all, especially with such great ingredients. The ingredients are 100% vegan, they are pine resin, gum resin, and canola oil.

Here is everything it comes with: the wax (120ml), azulene oil (8ml), 3 spatulas, and 20 strips.

I really like the packaging and look of the wax. The jar is clear and you can see exactly how much wax you have left. The lid is very easy to put back on, even if there is wax on the edges. I really appreciate that, because I’m definitely messy and I tend to get a lot of leftover residue on the edges. The color of the wax is a nice brown, it looks like dark-brown honey. It looks nice and natural.

I will say 20 strips and 3 spatulas are not enough for me. Here’s a tip: purchase wooden ‘popsicle’ sticks from the Dollar Store (I bought a pack of 100) to use as waxing spatulas, and go to a beauty supply store and buy your own strips. I went to Sally’s and got a pack of 300 for 6.99. All I really need is the wax.

Azulene oil helps calm the irritation after you wax. I have a bottle of it from Sally’s Beauty Supply, but the one that comes with Parissa is really cute. It’s in a little glass tube, and makes me feel like a scientist. It was difficult for me open, I had to use my tweezers to pry it open. Other than that, I really like their packaging.

Now the fun part: the waxing. I waxed my underarms and bikini area.

I prefer warm wax because I never had luck with wax strips. Warm wax grips hair much better, at least for me. Parissa claims this wax is perfect for dark and coarse hair, which works out great for me. I followed the instructions and placed the open jar of wax on a plate, and microwaved it for two minutes. I waited till it cooled down slightly before I applied it to my skin.

I’m a beauty is pain type of person, so I was preparing for the pain. It actually wasn’t as bad as I thought! When I used other brands, after I pulled the strip off it would sting for a least five-ten minutes in that area and stay red for about two days or so. With the Parissa wax, it did sting after I pulled the strip off, but it only last for about thirty seconds and I was able to quickly move to the next spot. Also, the redness went away the next morning. I believe this is because the ingredients are natural, and lacking the chemicals that other waxes may contain. I also don’t have sensitive skin, so it definitely depends on the individual. If you do have sensitive skin, the brand recommends their Sensitive Assorted Wax Strips, (I haven’t tried those so I can’t give a review or anything on how they work).

This might be TMI, but when I wax my bikini area, I tend to get red bumps in all the areas. With the Parissa wax, I did get red bumps after I pulled the strip off, but after I applied the azulene oil, they were gone. I believe that has to be due to the ingredients of the wax being so natural. I have always applied azulene oil after any waxing, and the red bumps stayed for a couple of days. I was really happy when they just disappeared with the Parissa wax. As for my underarms, I didn’t have any bumps or anything. After I pulled the strip off, it was just smooth and hair-free. No irritation on my underarms.

Overall, I absolutely love this wax! Will definitely repurchase after I’m done with this jar. Cruelty-free, natural ingredients, doesn’t hurt as much as other waxes, and doesn’t irritate me like other waxes do. Hope you guys enjoyed this review!

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