Charleston Trip: Cuisine


Over Labor Day weekend, my friend and I decided to go back to Charleston, SC. Check out my post from Labor Day 2018 if you haven’t read that yet.

This trip features a lot of food! I live about three and half hours away from Charleston, so we drove there. Instead of going to the AirBnb, we went straight to Page’s Okra Grill. It’s our favorite restaurant in Charleston! It’s a combination of southern food and coastal seafood. So delicious! The food has never disappointed, no matter what we order. Below, you can see we ordered the fried green tomatoes, the country fried chicken, and blackened shrimp. This was definitely the best blackened shrimp I’ve ever had!

For breakfast, we went to the Brown Fox Coffee Company. We didn’t realize that they didn’t have inside seating, and Hurricane Dorian was making it rain in Charleston that day, so we ate in the car. I had a chocolate croissant and a vanilla bean latte. It was really good, but all the chocolate in the croissant settled in the bottom. I gave that piece to my friend, I don’t like things to be so sweet. Overall, it was yummy.

For lunch, we went to the restaurant 82 Queen in downtown Charleston. I got the famous She-Crab soup and shrimp salad lettuce cups. Both were delicious, but I’m craving the She-Crab soup again. I’ve never really had any type of seafood soup or clam chowder. Now, I need to find a place in my area that has She-Crab soup!

We decided to check out the beach…I mean why not check out the beach when a hurricane is supposed to be coming? It was actually really nice when we went to the beach. Nice and breezy, and no rain! We decided we’d rather just walk along the beach, rather than lay out.

We went to Sullivan’s Island, and found a nice shoreline walk along the beach. It was gorgeous, and not too busy.

After the beach, we decided to check out Poe’s Tavern on Sullivan’s Island. It’s a beachy, Edgar Allan Poe vibe. The menu has entrees named after his works and the decor reflects him as well. I was boring and got the Poe’s Veggie Burger. And let me tell you, I was so happy I did this! It was delicious! It was a black bean burger, and I chose potato salad on the side. Sometimes the most underrated meals are the best, and this was one of those. Definitely recommend!

We decided to walk around downtown Charleston, since the weather was on our side. My friend is obsessed with the Savannah Bee Company, and after visiting them, now I am too! I purchased a body butter and two lip balms from them. The body butter makes my skin feel so soft, and smell like black berries and vanilla (I’ll be posting a separate post about my purchases). Also, don’t judge my food baby, girl gotta eat.

On Labor Day, our phones and all the media around us went off with loud beeps and it was a recording saying the Charleston was under a mandatory evacuation. Well, we couldn’t possibly evacuate on an empty stomach, so we decided to go to Crave before we left Charleston. We did go to Crave before, and I had their mussels in the red sauce. They were delicious and spicy! I was too hungry and couldn’t wait to take a picture. But we did go back, and I ordered the fried chicken B.L.T, but I had it without the bacon, so really I had fried chicken L.T, (I’m allergic to pork). Man, Charleston has the best fried chicken, it was absolutely delicious.

And that’s about all we did on the trip! Eat and relax, my kind of vacation. Hope you guys enjoyed and can visit one day! Click for my trip from last year, we went to Boone Hall Plantation.

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