ETSY: Crystal Set Review

Hello everyone!

Today, I wanted to share my recent Etsy purchase from the shop Rock and Tumble Co. I purchased their 21-Piece: Beginner Crystal Kit for $23.92, they had a 20% off discount when I placed my order.

My order arrived two days after I placed it! That’s insane and definitely the best shipment time I’ve ever had from anyone. They’re based in Pennsylvania and at the time I purchased, U.S. shipping was free.

It arrives in a simple cardboard box, with their logo. Inside, the crystals are packaged carefully with bubble-wrap and tiny plastic bags. There’s a small guide that shows the name of each crystal.

These crystals are so gorgeous! Whether you’re into crystal energy/spirituality or you may just like them for their aesthetics, this is a great value set. I checked, it does come with 21 pieces and I didn’t see any reviews that said they were missing any. All of them were intact and look perfect.

I love them all, but the amethyst, rose quartz, and the desert rose are my top favorites right now.

Thanks for checking out my post, what are your favorite crystals?


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