Work OOTD: Let the Plaid Do the Talking


Hope you all enjoyed this Monday! I did not, it was pretty stressful at my job. But, my outfit made me feel a little better. Do any of you think like that? Like you could be having the worst day, but wearing something you like and feel comfortable in makes it slightly better?

Today, I wore these skinny fit Loft pants. They have a navy plaid design, which is very work appropriate, but also fashionable! I purchased these from the Loft Outlet.

My shoes are the next best thing about my outfit. They’re from Payless, yes you read that right, Payless! They’re now selling on Amazon, which I’m so happy about. I’m a US 5.5 and it’s hard for me to find affordable shoes, that look like an adult shoe, versus like a child. These are comfy heels, that have a pointed toe. I love pointed toes, they make me feel like a boss witch.

I didn’t want to overpower my pants, so I just paired it with a plain white button up.

Hope you guys enjoyed this little ootd!

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