Kenra Styling Gel Review

Hello everyone,

I wanted to share something that completely changed the look of my hair. I’m someone who really doesn’t do much to my hair. I have straight, fine hair. It’s thick in the sense that there’s a lot of it, but the hair itself is fine. I have baby hairs in the front and they tend to stick straight up, but I never really tried to stop them before. I just accepted them for what they were…till now.

I decided it was time to try and attain gorgeous smooth, frizz free hair. I did a lot of online research for a company that was cruelty free and had a product that didn’t give a typical “gel” feel. I really hate when hair has that “stiff” texture from gel or hairspray, so I wanted something that would feel good and not have that obvious shiny gel look.

I came across Kenra Professional Styling Gel 17 and bought it based on reviews from people with fine hair. I’m so happy I did because it totally changes my look! I only use a pea-sized amount on the front where my baby hairs are, and then use the leftover product on the flyaways. The gel keeps them down all day! I can feel a slight bit of stiffness on my baby hairs, but not on the rest of my head. It’s definitely because I used the majority of the product on that area, and spread the rest around a bigger area. But it’s not a really ‘hard’ texture, so I don’t mind it. Also, it doesn’t look like there’s product in it, which I appreciate.

This product costs about $16 at Ulta and it contains 6 fl oz. I think it’s worth it! Yes, there are cheaper products out there, with the same amount of product, but how many of them are cruelty free? If you include that in the worth, it’s definitely worth $16.

Personally, I only use a pea-sized amount a day, so this will last me quite a bit. Are there any cruelty free hair products you guys like?

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