Weekend in the Mountains

Hello everyone!

I took a trip to Asheville to visit some family and wanted to share the weekend with you guys! Asheville’s city slogan is the ‘land of the sky’ and it’s because of the Blue Ridge Mountains. I lived there for about twelve years and I still love the gorgeous mountain views.

At my family’s home, I just relaxed and recuperated. My dad is a great Guyanese cook and always makes the best food. This weekend he made lamb curry and shrimp curry, both delicious!

We took a walk at Beaver Lake as well, which is a local lake. It’s so gorgeous and peaceful.

Also, the best part about visiting my family, is the family cat: Oliver. He’s such a cutie, he’s been with us for almost a year. He was our Christmas Eve kitten, such a cutie! My dad buys him actual baby toys. Baby toys, not cat toys. He has a stroller and now he’s being leash trained, this kitty is spoiled. But it’s okay, because he’s so cute.

Overall, that was my little weekend up in Asheville! Hope you guys enjoyed! What did you do this weekend?

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