Boscia Luminizing Black Mask Review

Hello everyone!

Today, I wanted to share a new mask with you guys. It’s called the Boscia Luminizing Black Mask. I purchased this with the Boscia’s Multi-Masking Medley package, which includes four one-time use masks. The package is $18 from Sephora and features three different masks.

This is a peel-off mask, which I prefer over sheet masks. Peel-off masks are just more fun and they take more gunk out of your face, in my opinion.

Now this mask…applying it was simple. Just make sure you’re doing it over a sink, just to be safe. I applied a thin, even layer and waited a little over thirty minutes.

Let me tell you, this mask is the definition of beauty is PAIN. Oh my gosh, it hurt so bad to pull off. It really took hold of the tiny, little hairs on my face, particularly the microscopic hairs that most of us have on our temples, and pulled them out. I teared up a little while removing this mask, and the worst part was I had to peel it slowly, because it hurt so bad, but that just made the pain last longer.

I did notice a clear difference, mostly because it pulled off a lot of peach fuzz on my face, so everything looked clearer.

Overall, this mask kind of scares me, but I also really like the end results. I still have one in the packet to use, but I’m too scarred from the pain to attempt it again. One day I’ll be brave enough!

Hope you guys enjoyed! What are your favorite peel-off masks?

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