SheIn – Flats Review

Hello everyone!

I’ve been obsessed with SheIn ever since I did my first clothing purchase from them for my Miami trip. Their prices are unbeatable and they have a lot of trendy fashion products. You definitely have to use your judgement and read reviews and the descriptions.

I was in need of new shoes to wear for work. I found two I really liked; a pair of black flats with a tulip design and open-backed leopard mules. Both of them have pointed toes.

Point Toe Scalloped Dorsay Flats – US Size 5.5 – $18

The scalloped design is a very cute detail! I didn’t know this when I ordered, but the backs of these have a little elastic piece, that helps prevent blisters. What a genius idea! This particular shoe is too big for me, it feels like it’s a size 6, but I’m a 5.5. Definitely size down if you like this one, I think it’s because their pointed toe extends further than most, so it gave more space than usual.

Pointed Toe Leopard Flat Slide Mules – US Size 5.5 – $15

These are my favorite out of the two. They fit me absolutely perfectly! The design is slightly faded in a good way, not too flashy for work, but still fashionable. The fact that they’re slides is just great, because there’s nothing better than a shoe you can just slip on and off.

It does have a teeny-tiny heel and is great quality. The inside is a dark tan color, with the label ‘SheIn’ in gold. It looks really chic! Looks like it costs way more than $15. I’m definitely going to repurchase in the tan and black.

Hope you guys enjoyed! Have you purchased anything from SheIn before?

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