Siren | Halloween Makeup Look

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I was feeling inspired after seeing my crown from my Medusa Halloween look last year. I wanted to play with the scales again, but make it a little more creepy. Sirens have always been one of my favorite mythological creatures, and the snake crown definitely fit that look as well. I hope you guys like this look! Follow me on Instagram and Twitter @amandasushma.

I used my number one palette lately, my Makeup Revolution Forever Flawless Constellation Palette to create this look. For the scales, I used a large brush and the dark purple shade ‘Cosmic’ on my cheeks, middle of my forehead, and nose as a base color for the scales. Then, I used the fishnet technique to create scales. I used fishnet tights, placing the netting over my face, and used the dark, granite shade ‘Mercury’, to create the look of the scales. I love using contrasting colors like this! So much fun!

For the eyes, I basically kept packing on the purple color ‘Cosmic’ over and over, until it got to the pigmentation I liked. Then, I added a touch of the beautiful, silvery color , ‘Fractal’, towards the lower middle part of my lid.

I used my favorite liquid liner, the perfect and inexpensive, Wet N’ Wild Mega Liner to do a wing. I added some false lashes, and the Liquid Megalast Catsuit High-Shine Lipstick in the shade Berry Down Lo.

To finish this look, I squeezed a tube of fake blood onto my lips. I think squeezing it looks a lot better, than straight up applying it with your fingers or a brush. Just helps it look more authentic. I also happened to have my Medusa snake crown, but you can definitely use another headpiece or wear the look how it is.

This siren Halloween makeup look is fun and I love it because it looks like I put in a lot of work and products, but really it was all from one palette and random products people tend to have. A glamorous, kinda creepy Halloween costume. Hope you guys liked this!

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  1. Can I hire you to do my Halloween makeup? Promise I’ll Pay! You look amazing, must have a real steady hand to get it all so symmetrical and perfect, really good halloween look! Love the lashes too!


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