Ford V. Ferrari – Movie Thoughts

Over the weekend, I went with my brother to watch the new Ford v. Ferrari movie, starring Christian Bale and Matt Damon. I just want everyone to note: I don’t know anything about cars, much less the history of the Le Mans race or even that it existed prior to this movie. I basically went into this movie, with no knowledge of anything that it was about. And…I ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT! So, someone who might not know the story or be into cars that much, there’s still something in here for you to love!

This is based on the true story of Ken Miles and Carroll Shelby. I’m just going to do a quick summary, but definitely see the movie or look up their true story to get all the details. Carroll Shelby, (Matt Damon), was a great racer, but he had health issues, and turned to building cars instead. Ford wanted to beat Ferrari in the French Le Mans race. The Le Mans race is a 24 hour race, which Ferrari always won. Ford hired Shelby to build a car that could beat Ferrari. Shelby wanted Ken Miles, (Christian Bale), who was an English race-car driver. (SPOILER IF YOU DON’T KNOW THE STORY OR HAVEN’T SEEN THE MOVIE.) Through lots of issues with the Ford higher-ups not liking Miles’ image, eventually, Miles was able to drive for the Le Mans race. Miles was in a comfortable lead, especially when Ferrari’s vehicles were out of the race, and in order to appease the Ford higher-ups, he let Ford’s other two racers catch up to him. It was so they could do an iconic photo of three Fords crossing the finish line at the same time. Miles was set to win, but due to a timing issue, the judges determined that another Ford started behind Miles, which meant they were the winner. In the movie, it was depressing. But, Miles didn’t fuss or anything, he just carried on.

I really love the acting in this movie! Bale and Damon did a phenomenal job! I hope Bale wins lots of awards for this, the characteristics and emotions were so real. (MASSIVE SPOILER) Since this movie is based on his true story, unfortunately Miles died while he was testing out a car. When it happened in the movie, I was really upset! Bale made us love the character so much, I almost teared up. Almost, but I’m an Aquarius, so the tears never came.

This movie makes me really dislike Ford, even though I know this is based on the company in the 1960’s. Still, completely screwed over the guy who deserved the win. But, the actor who was Henry Ford II, played a very douchey, yet slightly comedic character in just the right way. But, as most disliked character, the award goes to Josh Lucas, who play Leo Beebe. Absolutely, the worst character, acting on point. He was a kiss-ass, corporate stooge, who hated the working man. I really just wanted to punch him in the face…

Overall, I know this is a really short review. But, I really like this movie! Usually, I wouldn’t go for such an emotional type of movie, but I didn’t know what it was about. My brother just chose it, and I went with him. Very pleasantly surprised! If you’ve seen it, let me know what you think!

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