Happy Holidays

Hello everyone!

Hope you all enjoyed your holiday season! I just wanted to do a quick post and share my holiday with you guys. I got to visit my family in the mountains, and play with the family cat. He’s such a cutie!

I was able to get an entire week off of work, so I’m going to visit one of my best friends. Probably one of the longest friendships I’ve ever had, about nine years so far! That’s insane. Do you guys have those friends that you barely ever text or call, but when you hang out, even if it’s three times a year, it’s like no time ever passed? It’s like that.

I’m not really into sharing what I got for Christmas, but one thing I will mention is that my brother gifted me a new laptop! Thanks bro! Before, I had a large, thick Lenovo and now I have a smaller, lighter, Lenovo Yoga. I had my older one for about six years! This one is going to be so much easier to carry, but I will miss my extra large screen and keyboard. I’m giving that one to my dad, he really only uses it for cat videos on Youtube anyway. The reason I’m sharing is because I’m excited to try to have a schedule of when I post. I want to grow this blog in 2020! I started using WordPress in 2014, and posted sporadically. It was only the second half of this year, I tried to post as much as I could. I met a lot of really cool bloggers through this and I want to meet and support more!

I can’t wait for 2020! I don’t have really big New Year’s plans. My friend and I are just planning to go out to this free, outside event, (key word: free). But both of us tend to get overwhelmed and annoyed when we’re in a huge crowd, so we might leave a little early, and enjoy the New Year’s countdown in the comfort of a warm living room. How are you guys spending New Years?

How were your holidays?

2 thoughts on “Happy Holidays

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  1. Happy holidays, Amanda!! 🙂

    Feels like the whole holiday season has been pretty chill for everyone, at least that’s been my experience. I totally feel you on the gift thing. I wish it wasn’t all about the gifts, none of us really need more stuff. I wish we talked about what we are grateful for EVERYDAY. We’d all be a lot happier and less unsatisfied, I believe. Regardless, it’s a wonderful time to come together. I’ll probably sleep through the new year, as I have for 4 consecutive years now lol. Hope your time off is wonderful and relaxing. Sending you all my best wishes! Love ya girl!♡ xo

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