Glossier Perfecting Skin Tint & Stretch Concealer Review

Happy 2020 everyone!

Today, I’ll be doing a review on the Glossier: Skin Tint and Stretch Concealer. I’m so happy that my first post for 2020 is on cruelty free products. That’s one of the main reasons I decided to even try out Glossier in 2019, but I was also drawn in with the hype, of course. Check out my post on the Glossier Makeup Set, which includes the Boy Brow, Lashslick Mascara, and Cloud Paint in Dusk if you haven’t. Or click here to see my updated video.

Now, let’s talk about the Perfecting Skin Tint. It’s described on the website as a thin, breathable formula, minimizes the appearance of pores, has Glycerin that moisturizes the skin, and leaves a dewy finish. They have 12 shades, which I think is okay because they’re skin tints, and since they’re so sheer, you can make it work. I purchased the shade G10, described as a light-medium shade. If I ever repurchased this, I would actually go two shades darker to G8 – a medium neutral shade. But, I’m able to make this shade work with a couple other products. It was $26 for 1 fl oz, which I found kind of pricey, but I wanted to try it, so I bit the bullet.

I really wanted to try all Glossier products and when I was looking at reviews for the Perfecting Skin Tint, majority of the people who had oily skin really didn’t like it. But there were a few in between that loved it, so I thought maybe I’ll be in the latter group. Nope. Should’ve gone with the crowd on this one, but at least I tried it.

Listen, Glossier is definitely on the top tier of the “natural makeup” movement, which I love. This doesn’t give really any coverage, which I knew and really didn’t mind. I wanted something super light, just gives me some evenness, but my acne spots and blemishes would still be visible. Just so I can let my skin breathe at work. I work Monday through Friday, and I don’t want to wear makeup all the time. That’s why I had started using a BB cream, (which I still really like). So, if you are considering this product, please know that you will NOT get much coverage. It’s super sheer, and makes a minimal difference.

In the pictures above, I have on the skin tint and the concealer. Let’s just focus on the skin tint for now. You can kind of see there’s barely a difference. I did use the pore minimizer all over my face. I think some kind of mattifying primer or lotion, or whatever you use is necessary. This is what I wanted, just a minimal change. It does state on the website, that you can build up to a light-medium coverage. I did about three layers, and didn’t notice a change in the coverage for myself.

I have oily skin, not combination, pure oily skin. I do not recommend the Perfecting Skin Tint for anyone with oily skin. But, I also don’t hate the product, it just didn’t work for my skin type.

I apply this the Glossier way, with my hands. The bottle it comes in is cute and minimal, but I don’t like that you really have to squeeze hard to get product to come out. It does prevent it from being messy, but squeezing this hard, plastic bottle is not my favorite. I basically squeeze drops on my face and then rub it in with my hands. You can use a sponge, but when I tried to use my Real Techniques sponge, it just soaked it all up (as sponges do), and there was really no product going on my skin. So hands are the best tools for this. I did like how it looked, and it wasn’t streaky from my fingers or anything.

It took about half an hour, before I realized the moisturizing/dewy ingredients (like the Glycerin), were starting to cause a major oil pileup on my face. The first time I used it, I had just set my under-eyes, because I wanted to see how the tint did on its own. Not great. I was a super greaseball. I’ve now tried to set it with Laura Mercier translucent powder, a NYX skin tone powder, and the Airspun powder. I’ve used multiple primers, mattifying products, nothing could prevent the oiliness this products was contributing to my natural oils.

I think I’ve went on pretty long about the skin tint, so overall, I do not recommend this product for oily skin, but I think other skin types might be able to handle it. I really like the sheer look and love the embracing your skin the brand does, but sometimes some products just don’t work out. If they ever come out with a matte version, I would definitely be hopping on that.

Onto the Stretch Concealer. I purchased it in the shade G10 for $18, and like the skin tint, I would go down to G8 or G9. They do correlate to the skin tints, so for the concealers, it’s really up to your preference on if your under-eyes should be your skin tone color or a little brighter. Unfortunately, I choose it to be a little too bright, but it’s light coverage, so I don’t think it’s too obvious. Also, you get .17 oz. for $18. For a concealer, I think that price would be okay. But, this is so sheer…it hurts me.

The packaging is super simple, just a clear jar, with the Glossier logo on the top of the cover. Let me just say this right now: I really like this product! I’m overall pretty comfortable with my skin and going out without any makeup on. One thing that sometimes makes me a self-conscious is how dark my under-eyes are. It’s not under-eye bags, just darkness because I have because my eyes are protruding eyes, which creates a shadow and from my genetics. Lucky me. So, I’m always looking for decent concealers.

The website says that this concealer will “cover everything from dark circles, blemishes, and redness with a dewy finish”. It has “elasto micro waxes” that won’t cake up on your skin, and “adaptable minerals” that give a brightening effect.

Like I said before, I apply this the Glossier way, with my fingers. I love how this concealer feels and applies. I think it’s because of the ingredients, beeswax and micro-crystalline wax. It’s a very hydrating to the touch type of concealer, which I enjoy for my under eyes. This is build-able, gives light to medium coverage, and it feels so airy on my face. I love this for work, because I literally just use this product on my under-eyes, and nothing else on my skin. So quick and easy! I noticed it does settle into one specific crease, but that’s it. Literally, one crease, which honestly is not a big deal to me. I do try and set it with powder, but it still has one crease. No arguments here!

One con to this is that I can’t color correct my under eyes. I use a peach color correcter, and when I used it underneath this concealer, you could really see a peachy tint. I should’ve known, because the concealer is so sheer. But, just in case anyone else is thinking of color-correcting, don’t do it with this concealer. Even though I can’t color correct, it does do the minimal job of helping my under-eyes, so I like it.

I do recomend this concealer, especially if you just want something fast and really natural. The formula is flexible and easy to work with, and it does give a minimal amount of coverage.

I hope this helped anyone deciding on which Glossier products they should try. Let me know if you have any questions! Thanks guys!


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