“You” Season 2 Review (Spoilers)

I just finished You, season two on Netflix, and I’m…shook. This post does have spoilers, so please keep that in mind if you haven’t seen it. Also, if you haven’t seen season one, this will make no sense. I know it’s a really hyped up show, but it’s actually really good! If you like suspense and murder shows/podcasts, you might like it!

Just the first episode tricked me. It started off with Joe in a new town, going by the name of Will. At first, I was like ‘he’s doing this to run away from Candice’, which was partly true. His main target, was Love Quinn. What a stupid name. If your name is Love, I don’t mean your name is stupid, I mean it’s stupid for the character on the show. When he talks about love, I almost face-palm every time he says “All I needed was Love”. Come on, there could’ve been a better name.

Anyway, we see Joe in a market place, eyeing Love. He’s deciding how to approach her, and is caught off guard when she asks him if a peach looks like a butt. Also, cheesy, but it fits with the theme of the show. In season one, Joe and Beck had an awkward conversation in the bookstore. So, continuing with the theme of awkward first conversations, they went with the topic of peaches looking like butts.

But, I was surprised to see that Joe had already been stalking her, before seeing her in the store. I’m assuming everyone reading this has already seen it, so I’m not going too much into the episode breakdowns. But, wow, I love how they revealed that he had actually been stalking her for a long time, later on in the season. I remember wondering why when he was trying to get the job as a grocer, and how he knew that having ‘War and Peace’, would land him the job as the ‘bookkeeper’, for the store.

Honestly, I’m naive and should’ve known there was no way the girl he was infatuated with would be coincidentally living where his telescope could see her.

And I was literally on the edge of my seat, when we find out Love is actually just as crazy as him! Are you kidding me? I thought she was working with Candice, and they were going to make him fall in love with her, knowing he would try and harm someone around her, and catch him in the act. Nope. I stopped believing that theory after the episode where everyone meets Candice at the weird ashram wedding renewal. I did like the dark kool-aid jokes though. It fit perfectly.

Back to Love’s crazy ass, so she also killed her and her brother’s au pair. Yes, I did have to look that up, because I’d never heard of it before. Why can’t she just say nanny? Anyway, the au pair was nineteen and fooling around/giving drugs to Forty. So Love decided to kill her..? And then she let poor Forty believe he killed his first “love”. I only say “love”, because that was what he called it, but I know it’s abuse. Love claims to try and protect him, but let him believe he killed their au pair? That makes no sense, like the truth might’ve helped him with his despair and needing to cope with drugs. Forty did say he knew, you know, right before the officer shot him and wrongly blamed him for the death of Delilah and Henderson.

Honestly, Forty deserved better. Not just him, but Ellie and Delilah too. They all had hard lives, and didn’t deserve what Joe and Love did to them. In the first season, I didn’t even feel bad for Beck, I wasn’t attached to her character. They did so much better this season with the characters! Delilah is the cool older sister I always wanted, and Ellie is so smart, I love that she didn’t just believe Joe.

Let me tell you guys, I really, truly screamed at my TV when Delilah discovered Joe’s storage locked, and WALKED INTO the glass cage. Girl, what are you doing?! Get out of there, call your police friend! Hell, text him the address of where you’re at, don’t walk into the cage. That part really frustrated me. Also, Joe had her phone in the later episodes. Did her police friend not trace it? Am I forgetting something?

I apologize, I’m just jumping around but my mind is going crazy. Can we just talk about Love and Joe expecting a child. WTF! This poor child…still hoping we get a third season. Only because I want to see how Joe is with the child, and I want Ellie to get justice. She’s a smart girl, I’m sure she didn’t just take Joe’s orders of going and starting somewhere new. I hope that she’ll be the person who takes Joe down, somehow, whether it’s proof to the police or taking it into her own hands.

Let’s talk about Joe’s past. He had an abusive father, and his mom had a horrible taste in men. She was basically prostituting herself out to make money, so her and Joe could leave her husband. We saw young Joe kill one of his mom’s partners when the guy was abusing his mom, I’m not sure if it was his dad. I think it was, but not sure. Anyways, eventually Joe’s mom abandons him at a beach. She told him to make her a sandcastle, what the heck. No wonder he’s messed up.

The ending was just so weird. The two crazies are in suburbia and Joe sees his neighbor, the books she’s reading, and immediately latches on. It ends with him basically saying he was meant to be here in this very moment to see “you”, his neighbor. The psychopath is at it again. I did see some theories that the new neighbor is his mom…cringe. I hope not, I hope we see her again, but not as the neighbor he’s infatuated with. This isn’t Norman Bates honey.

To be honest, I don’t quite understand the “love” for Joe the character. I understand maybe people’s admiration for Penn Badgley and his acting, but not the admiration of Joe. Ladies, he’s a psycho-stalker-killer, do not romanticize that. Please close your curtains at night, and if a man has a telescope positioned onto your home, please run. Thanks.

I think there’s just too much to fit into one post, so if you have any favorite moments or a theory you want to discuss, definitely leave a comments. I would LOVE to talk about this!

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