Unhappy for Eight Hours a Day

This is a different post than my makeup or beauty posts. I hope you guys don’t mind, but I just needed to get this off my chest.

I have a full-time job as a financial assistant. I wouldn’t say I enjoy my job, but I don’t mind it. I have two bosses, one is my financial boss, who I really like. She’s such a nice person and deserves the best. The other boss, the one who owns the company is probably 99% of why I titled this blog the way I did.

NOTE: I’m complaining/ranting, so I would totally understand if you’re not interested in reading that.

My boss is the absolute worst. There are so many things I could say, but let me just explain what happened this week. We start the week off with a meeting, which I dread every time. He tends to forget due dates and if he receives a complaint from a client, he sides with them instead of discussing it with the rest of the staff. He automatically assumes that we, his team, aren’t doing what we’re supposed to. I would understand if he calmly discussed the issues and let us respond or show him the paperwork. No, this grown 72 year old man, is screaming and slamming his fists against the table. He threatens to not pay us constantly, and it’s just so stressful.

At this meeting, we have monthly paperwork that usually gets done by the 10th of the month. But, because it’s the beginning of the year, in January and February the monthly reports are due by the 15th. We told him that since November, and he was emailed that as well. I’m suddenly getting screamed at because he forgot that the due dates have been changed for February. Sure, forgetting is a common thing, but don’t scream at someone just because you’re mad that you forgot. It makes me so frustrated, because I can’t exactly speak my mind or say “Maybe you should check your emails once in a while” , because he’s the boss. He can’t control his temper and it just creates a horrible work environment.

Anyway, the meeting was really bad, worse than it has ever been. My financial boss, who is honestly the back bone of the company, was crying at her desk. The boss comes over and he’s bothering her about documents. She straight up tells him that she does so much, goes beyond what a normal person would go to, and he not only lets clients demean her, but he demeans her as well. You know what he does? Completely ignores that, and asks about some documents he wants.

He thinks that because he pays our checks and occasionally buys food for everyone, he can yell and be as abusive as he wants. I was discussing it with another co-worker, and she said “Well, it’s just how it was back in his day”. That’s honestly no excuse, it’s not his day anymore. Obviously I’m trying to find another job, but it’s really hard out here. For now, I’ll have to stay here. What’s crazy is that the majority of the staff have been with him for over ten years. They just keep taking the verbal abuse and nonsense, because they’re just used to it. I don’t want that to be me. I can’t handle someone disrespecting me for a year, much less over ten years! Coming in Monday through Friday, dealing with him is honestly too much.

That’s one reason I haven’t been posting too much. I come home from work in a bad mood, and instead of creating fun makeup looks, I honestly just want to laugh. I try and binge as many Family Feud moments and watch my favorite Youtubers as much as I can, just to put myself back in a good mood. Of course that only lasts till the next morning.

Another reason I dislike my job is probably something a lot of people can relate to: the general public. I deal with the finance part of the business, so I understand when people are mad. People might be frustrated about a fine or something, which I totally understand. Some people are pretty courteous about it and we’re able to discuss a solution for them. Unfortunately, most people who call are just like my boss. Quick temper, and will just swear at a stranger over the phone. I’ve been called so many things and usually I can take it. I don’t mind customers yelling at me because they aren’t mad at me personally, they’re just mad at their account. Of course, I do get a little anxious, shaky, sweaty, etc., when they do that, but I do understand why they might be frustrated. But add those type of people and my boss on the same day, it just gets overwhelming. Honestly, sometimes I just go home and have a crying spell because it’s so stressful.

I’m trying to be more positive and apply to as many jobs as I can. I’m ready to take a pay cut, drive further, anything to get away from this man. I wish I could quit, but I still have bills to pay, so I need something lined up before I do that.

I’m sorry this was a super negative post, but sometimes life is like that. Blogging and creating Youtube videos have been a great way for me to enjoy my hobbies like makeup, fashion, etc. It makes me so happy to interact with people who have those same interests. But sometimes, it also helps me get my feelings out and having this all typed up strangely helps me a little. Wish me luck on finding a new job! I need it.

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  1. I’m so sorry that you have to deal with this person. They have no right to belittle people in that way no matter what. It’s okay to rant and let out your feelings and I hope writing this post helped make you feel better. All the best with finding a new job sending you lots of positive energy!

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  2. I just want to say I love you ❤️ and I know you’re doing your best and know that that’s all you can expect yourself to do. These times though tough and ugly are only a true test of faith. That’s all you can look at them as because beyond that is overwhelming and unnecessary to think about.

    You WILL get past this, nothing lasts forever. ❤️ I know I don’t know what it’s truly like for you to go through what you’re going through… but what I can see is what a strong, brave and kind person you are regardless of what kind of shit the day deals you.

    I also have no idea if you know just how rare it is these days for someone to fight like fire not to lose their precious life energy to a path that’s not truly for them. Hold onto that flame because no ones ever going to need it more than you…and the world needs more of you. Please never give up that passion for your own passions ❤️ keep holding your head up because the sun ALWAYS comes up even after the darkest nights of the soul, you can always count on you. ❤️ and of course, I’m always here if you need a friend 🙂 xoxo sending all my love!!! ✨💫💌

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    1. Aww thanks girl! I appreciate that! I had to take a little break from the blog/social media, so it was nice coming back to this message! You’re the best! Yes, I keep telling myself this isn’t forever, just a little bump in my journey. Something better is right around the corner. 🖤🖤🖤


  3. i can rather relate to this. people can be really unjust and selfish just because they have power. you should just be honest with him and ask him to respect the ethical boundaries. i really hope you are okay. have faith. it’ll get better. wishing you the best:)


  4. Best of luck on finding a new job! Sometimes you need to write one of these ranty posts & I am all for them, always hear to read & have your back. ♡ Your boss sounds insane. He definitely needs to learn how to control his anger & what’s the point of his threats? There’s no way he’d ever get away with not paying his employees. Hang in there & stay strong! Something better is coming your way. ♡


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