Milk Makeup: KUSH High Volume Mascara

My birthday was in February, so of course I went to Sephora to choose my birthday gift. I decided on the Milk Makeup gift set, and one of the items was a sample of their KUSH High Volume Mascara.

Let me just tell you guys, I love this mascara! It gives so much volume and length. You can definitely see the difference in the photos below.

I really like how the applicator looks. My first thought when I saw the applicator was ‘whoa, that’s a really fat looking mascara wand’ . I remember reading an article a while ago, and it said ‘the fatter the wand, the thicker the lashes’, and that seems to ring true with this mascara.


This mascara features an interesting ingredient, hemp-derived cannabis seed oil, hence the name Kush, quite cheeky..(sorry, I’ve been watching Love Island UK and unfortunately for readers and people around me, I’ve started to use some of their terms in my everyday American life).

The oil is supposed to make your lashes look hydrated and healthy, with no clumping. I can attest to that, my lashes look amazing with this mascara on. Prior to using Milk’s mascara, I was using the Glossier Lashslick mascara, which I’m personally not a huge fan of. I don’t really wear falsies, mostly because I haven’t mastered the art of putting them on, so mascara does make a difference for my makeup game.

My lashes look healthier, fuller, and a little bit longer. If you’re looking for volume, highly recommend this! I will say, I do have difficulties removing it, mostly because I use a cleansing oil, and I try not to put too much on my lashes. I just take a shower and have a little bit of residue left over, but that’s my own fault because I don’t have any makeup remover that I think is safe enough for my eye area.

I’m not usually a huge mascara girl, but I haven’t had such a great experience with mascara since I first tried the Clinique High Impact Mascara years ago. Now I’m cruelty free, so I’m not using any Clinique products. Not only is Milk Makeup cruelty free, but the mascara is seriously something to try out!

I will definitely be purchasing the full size after I run out of this one. It costs $24 or you may purchase the small size for $12. Or you can wait till your birthday comes around and then choose it as your Sephora birthday gift, I believe it’s the same three or so gift options for the entire year.

Let me know what you guys think! What’s your favorite mascara?

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    1. I’ve only seen season 4 and 6 of the UK. I heard the UK one is the better one out of all of them, but I’m curious about the U.S too…if you have a favorite season let me know. Also, my fav was Siânnise and Luke T. from the recent season 😍 if she could drop her skincare routine, I would be happy.

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      1. The US only had one season so far & they’re supposed to have a second one this summer, as well! They def weren’t as fun to watch as UK but I just love the whole game anyways. 😛 Siannise & Luke T. were my absolute faves, too!! I wish they would have won!!

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