Sunday: Spring-Cleaning + “Chat”

Happy Sunday!

Well, happy end-of-Sunday. I hope you had a great weekend! I had a great spring-cleaning type of weekend. A clean environment is just a nice mood booster. I’ve been trying to make sure I wash my dishes at night, before I go to sleep. During the weekends, it’s easy. But, weekdays, after work, sometimes I feel so lazy and don’t want to do them.

But, since I’ve been sticking to my New Year’s goal of cooking more at home, washing the dishes has been a necessary task. Otherwise, I would have no pots or pans to cook with.

This weekend I made Guyanese mithai. It’s a yummy sweet, there are other versions of it, but I chose the Guyanese version. I’m pretty novice when it comes to cooking, and usually there’s supposed to be a white coating of sugar syrup over it. As you can see from the picture, there is no white coating. I tried to make the sugar syrup, but it didn’t really show up on the mithai. But, the sweetness is still there, you just can’t see it. Practice makes perfect, right?

I’m enjoying cooking and its been saving me some money, especially during the work week. My favorite is breakfast on the weekends! I love waking up early and making pancakes or an egg sandwich. I also made my little Keurig and tea station. I love it! Makes me feel a little fancy, and I have my cinnamon to add onto my chai latte!

Something about just chilling with breakfast you made and a flavorful latte is the perfect start to the day.

Obviously, it’s easier to do this on weekends or days you don’t work. I’m trying to get up earlier on week days, make breakfast, and get to work early. It’s been a struggle, because I don’t like rushing, so most of the time I’ll skip the breakfast to go to work on time. But, the few days I did manage to do it, my productivity and mood were really great. Trying to do it again this week!

While I was cooking and cleaning, I was watching Youtube videos as well. I don’t really like silence for a long period of time, and I like to be entertained, especially while cleaning. I watched all of Shane Dawson’s conspiracies, I’ve been an OG fan, from when he straightened his hair. It’s great to see someone come from the environment he came from and have such a successful career and still be themselves. He’s hilarious and I love the entire squad!

Another OG Youtuber I watched was Bubzvlogz, a.k.a. Lindy Tsang. I love her and her family! She was and still always gives positive vibes. She’s been on Youtube for over ten years, she’s definitely an OG beauty and vlogging Youtuber. I was sad to find out that her and her husband have decided to split, especially since they have two little kids. Why? I’m not sure, but I’m sure when she’s ready, she’ll discuss it.

But, the reason I bring her up is because I watched the videos that came after her announcement about it, and she’s really being upfront and is still trying to look forward and move on. She said that sometimes people are put into are lives as blessing or lessons, and I love that. I’m not really religious, but the general meaning rings true. Not only that, but she’s really focusing on her self-care and mental health, and just through the videos, there is a clear difference in how positive and motivated she is! I loved seeing it! She does have some lows, but she doesn’t hide it. It’s like all of us have low moments, but we tend to forget that it’s just a moment. Gotta pick ourselves back up eventually.

Seeing Bubz working out, getting her creativity out through art or videos, seeing more friends, and just finding herself again, really had an impact on me this weekend. I’ve now been motivated to be more healthy, and try and take in my bad moments, but eventually, keep moving forward and get to a better place. I tend to dwell on the low points, so going to be working on that.

Sorry, I didn’t intend for that to be so…deep. Hope you guys had a nice weekend! Let me know what you did, or if any of this speaks to you!

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  1. I’ve never heard of mithai but man, it looks yummy! Amazing job! Your little Keurig station is perfect & thanks for sharing what you’ve been into on YouTube. Always curious to know what others watch! ♡


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