Let's Go to a Galaxy Far, Far Away

Hello! Hope everyone is doing well!

As mentioned in my previous post, I still have to go into work, but I’ve been social-distancing as well as I can under the circumstances. Today it felt great outside! It was warm and breezy, and put me in a super pleasant mood. I felt inspired and just thought, ‘If I could be anywhere right now, where would I want to be?’ The answer is floating around in a purple and blue galaxy of my dreams, with the stars sparkling around me. I know, I know, just let me dream guys.

That was the inspiration for this look! I hope you guys like it! This was created with the Morphe 39S palette and my favorite palette for colorful looks, the Makeup Revolution: Forever Flawless Constellation Palette. I also used light strokes of white face paint to achieve the stars. You can also use white liquid liner or even a white eye base can work.

I had fun creating this look! Hope you guys like it!

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