Pacifica Beauty: Island Vanilla Scent


Hope everyone is doing well, considering everything that’s going on. With my job shutdown temporarily, I’ve been able to be more active here and on my Youtube. If you feel any creative juices going, definitely go with it!

I wanted to share my favorite perfume and hair and body mist, both from Pacifica! I fell in love with the scent about two years ago, and I keep coming back to it. It’s their Island Vanilla scent. They have a lot more if you’re not into vanilla scents, no worries! And now that I’m cruelty-free, I’m even more in love with this product because Pacifica is cruelty-free!

I have two products with their Island Vanilla scent: the Pacifica Spray Perfume ($22) and Pacifica Perfumed Hair & Body Mist ($12). The perfume also comes in a roll-on version that’s $12.

It smells exactly as described, a mixture of vanilla, with a hint of a floral scent. My brother said it smelled like colorful sprinkles, so do with that as you will. Also, the packaging is really cute! Each perfume has its own color, and Island Vanilla has a lot more pink designs in it. It’ll look really cute on a vanity!

I like using the Hair & Body Mist product more, especially on dry-shampoo days. Just a quick spritz and I’m good to go! I’ve seen them in Ulta and Target, but you can also check out their website.

What are you favorite perfumes or hair mists?

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