Minimalist Glasses: Round, Gold Frames

Hello everyone!

I wanted to share my most recent glasses purchase with you guys! The glasses are in the style Ledger from EyeBuyDirect. I did film a video on them, click here if you’d prefer to watch it.

These glasses are so simple, yet still on trend. They remind me of Harry Potter glasses, because of the round shape. But, they don’t have much of a similarity after that. No Reparo over here.

The material is metal, and they’re very light and thin. I really love this golden color, as well as the detailing on the arms and nose bridge. It looks like a fish or eye shape, very simple design for simple glasses. Also, EyeBuyDirect usually has different sizes you can choose from, but these ones were only available in size small.

I did purchase mine with prescription and blue light blocking. My prescription came out perfect. For the blue light blocking, in the photo below you can see the small difference in the color of the lenses compared to lenses without the blue light blocking on them. It isn’t obvious when you’re wearing them, and I really didn’t even notice it until I compared it with my other glasses.

Price: Let’s talk cost now. The frames on their own are $32. They also have a silver option available. With the prescription, I chose the ‘Distance’ option, and the EBD Blue Plus 1.5, which was $19. Be sure to have your prescription from your optometrist on hand, so you can fill out the required information. My total came to $51, but I used a referral code from someone, and was able to save $10 (doesn’t include shipping).

The referral code is something all EBD accounts have, but in order to use it, the total has to be $50 or more, excluding tax and shipping. It doesn’t work on Ray-Bans or or Oakleys. If you need prescription, it’s pretty easy to get to that $50 threshold. You get $10 off and the person who owns the code or link receives $10 in EyeBuyDirect credit. I’ll leave my link and code below. To use my link, you need to click on it and keep that window open while you shop. When you check out, as long as you have $50 or more in the cart, it should automatically apply.



Also, if you want to claim it on your insurance, you can print out the invoice and send it in.

I hope you guys enjoyed this and found it helpful! Check out my video!

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