Revamped: 6 Cube Organizer

Hello everyone!

I have another home project today: painting my cube storage unit. I’m sure you guys may own or have owned something similar. My particular unit is from my freshman college days, so that makes it about…six years old?!? It’s been through various dorms, apartments, and not the best treatment over all these years and has still held up against the odds. I thought now was the perfect time to give it a new look and spruce it up a bit.


The look I wanted was a two-toned organizer. The two colors I purchased were Shy Time and Western Pink both from the brand Valspar. They were $3.98 each because I purchased the sample sizes. If you want to do something similar and your organizer is about the same size as mine, I recommend getting two of each paint color.

I did two coats on each side. I waited about 4 hours after the first coat, and then applied the second coat. I’ve never used non-craft paint, so this was a little new for me. There were some paint air bubbles, and some areas where it peeled. I was able to do some touch-ups and cover that up.

I used two poster boards, $0.67 each, to do the backing. I painted them with the leftover Western Pink color. They came out looking similar to distressed wood, but on a poster board…If that makes any sense. I had some random nails, and used them to attach the backing. I’m sure thumb tacks, glue, or even tape would work.


It’s amazing how much more unique and expensive this looks, compared to its original look. It only cost me $9.28 to do this, which includes the paints and the poster boards. I already had paint brushes. I did this for less than $10!!! What do you guys think? I really like how it looks and will be adding some more items to it…hopefully cat items (wink, wink).

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