Small Apartment Bathroom & Kitchen – Redecorate with Me!

Hello lovely people!

Since I’ve been spending more time at home, (thanks Covid 😩), I decided to start redecorating and making my apartment have more of my style. When I first moved in, like most people, I just got the cheapest things I could find. I was fresh out of college, still had the college kid bank account, so Walmart and the Dollar Store were my go-to stores for everything! Nothing wrong with that of course, I just wasn’t able to find items that fit my current style.

I made some minor changes and I really like how they came out. Right now the look I’m going for is boho and earthy. I hope you guys enjoy!

Let’s start with the bathroom changes!

I decided to purchase a 3-tier rope shelf from Amazon. It costs $24.99, and the quality is amazing! It’s wide enough to hold a lot of items, and sturdy as well.

I tried to use command hooks because I wanted to avoid putting a hole in my wall. I used two hooks, that were each supposed to hold 15 lbs each. The shelf weighs 3 lbs, but with all the items on it, I thought the 15 lbs hooks would be good. Alas, nope. The shelf fell and took a paint chip off the wallπŸ˜ͺ So, I used two nails and hung it up with that.

But, it looks really cute. I added some skincare items and a fake plant to add some extra boho vibes to it.

Next up is the bathroom rug. I purchased a black rug runner, with a white pattern and black tassels for my bathroom. I got it from Amazon for $22.99. It looks very boho, and I love it! I’ve never had a rug that reflected my taste before, just the plain ones you can find at Walmart or Target, so I was pretty excited by how it looked in my bathroom!

I did purchase a rug pad as well, so it wouldn’t move around too much. The rug looks great and it doesn’t move around, which is all I wanted.

Last up for the bathroom changes is my shower curtain!

Before, I just had a plain all white cotton curtain. I was going for the hotel/all white vibe before, but over the years, I’ve changed my tastes. I wanted some fun and color in my life, but still muted to fit into the boho vibe.

I found this super cute curtain at Big Lots for $12! Perfect curtain and perfect price. I was really happy, because I found one I liked at Target, but it was $32, and I was not about to spend that amount for a shower curtain.

I am in love with the curtain, (sounds weird, just let me live πŸ˜‚), it just brightens everything up, and I love the contrast between the muted terracotta/pink and the black rug. I really like the curtain hooks as well!

Now, let’s move onto the kitchen!

The kitchen only had a few changes. First, I wanted to change out my rugs/runners…okay, so I have a new rug addiction. I found a cream colored two-piece set, with tassels and a black design. They’re basically the reverse version of my bathroom rug. I also purchased rug pads from Big Lots, to prevent them from sliding.

The last addition was adding a fake plant over my cupboards. It’s a cute little detail, adds to my boho vibe, and makes it feel more homey. Can you tell I’ve been watching interior decorating Youtube videos?

Let me know what you guys think of these little changes? Do you like boho/earthy decor? I’ve also been getting into a mid-century modern look, specifically the art and those dark brown leather bar stools that are featured everywhere. I’ve been loving woods, I’m more of a light-medium wood person, not really into the dark woods at the moment, so I might do an updated decor post!

Let me know what your decor style is!

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  1. One thing this lockdown does is that we started focusing on things we don’t use to mind. The decor is nice. I like it. But my style is a bit different, I love colorful minimalist interiors and lots of plants! if given a chance I’ll make my home looks like a jungle, with living plants at every corners. hehe


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