Meet my Fur Baby Pearl

Hello everyone,

I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to introduce my blog family to my little fur-baby Pearl! I’ve had her since June 2020, and she was two months at the time of adoption.

I adopted her from an animal control center. Her mom had the litter at the control center, so they were all up for adoption. I remember looking at the website everyday, because the status for each of the kittens was ‘holding’, so they weren’t quite ready for adoption yet. Below is the photo of Pearl that was on the website.

I just thought she was so cute! (Okay, let’s be real, all kitties are cute😻.) I was going to change her name when I adopted her, but Pearl just seemed to fit. I also am I huge fan of pearls, so I liked that connection there. The person who named the litter must’ve liked ‘older’ names, because Pearl’s sister was named Vera, and another one was named Truddy. I think those names are pretty funny to give to kittens, but they work so well. When I went to adopt her, it was supposed to be $75.00. But since she was already spayed, it was only $20.00. It was meant to be for Pearl and I.

She’s a very social kitty and very vocal. I’m fortunate enough to bring her to work sometimes, so she gets to be around people. She’s afraid of the sound of plastic bags and robotic toys.

Adopting Pearl was definitely one of the best decisions of my life and completely made 2020 a highlight year for me. I’ll definitely be posting more about her and some cat toys/accessory reviews. If you want to see when I first adopted Pearl, here’s my video.

Thank you guys so much for reading! What kind of fur-baby, reptile baby, or other baby do you guys have? 🐈🐢🦇

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