Preppy Cold Weather-Outfit

Hello everyone!

I recently uploaded a Loft Outlet Haul video on my Youtube channel. I purchased some items that I would consider more on the preppy side of the fashion world. I love a preppy/business casual look, and wanted to share my favorite outfit I created with some of the new items I bought.

First of all, the star of the show is the coatigan. Yes, I said coatigan. It’s a hybrid between a coat and a cardigan. From the picture, it looks like that normal, very popular, open-style tan coat. But, the material is actually a thick sweater material, resembling a warm cardigan. I really love this concept! I can keep it on at work, and still have the nice look of a fancy coat, but also be warm, but not too warm since it’s not actually a coat.

The two other items I incorporated in this looks was the mustard plaid skirt and the burgundy headband. I really love this skirt, the pattern and button details are really cute. The length is also acceptable for most jobs, I personally always wear stocking with skirts and dresses at work, I feel like it adds a little more professionalism, takes away from the ‘casualness’ of it. The headband just adds a fun pop of color to an otherwise neutral looking outfit. I’ve been trying to incorporate more hair accessories into my fashion game, and thought this would go well with a variety of outfits.

Let me know what you think of the outfit!

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