Happy Monday

Hello everyone and Happy Monday!

Okay, I’m not a Monday person, but fake it till you make it, right? πŸ˜…

In Charlotte, it was a rainy Monday, great for sleeping, not so great when I need to stay awake to work. 🌧 If anyone remembers my post about my boss, I’m still at the same job. Don’t get me wrong, I’m extremely grateful to have a job during these times, but gosh…he’s a toxic boss. On the upside, I did get to switch up my desk and I added three photos so far. More to come, but loving the new look so far.

I am applying to tons of jobs…so hopefully the right one will come soon. 🀞🏽 Do you guys really enjoy what you do or is it just more of putting food on the table? I actually really like my job, just my boss makes it unbearable.

Moving on from my complaining, is anyone a fan of New Girl? I am, hence my New Girl blog post, and I found a podcast called Apartment 4D: A New Girl Podcast. I’ve been binging it and I really like their insights. Definitely recommend for any New Girl lovers out there.

One thing I’ve been working on lately, is walking my cat on a leash. I know, I know, hear me out. She’s an indoor cat, about 9 months, and she always runs out when I open my front door. She just walks back and forth in front of the door, but I wanted a safer way of doing it. So, I found a sturdy cat harness and leash, and our routine is now walking together when I get home from work. It’s something fun to look forward to! And when I say ‘walk’, I mean up and down my apartment breezeway, not out on a sidewalk or an open area like that. So far, she’s only made it up and down the stairs, not ‘outside’.

I wanted to do a chill blog, hope you guys enjoyed ☺

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